160 days to maturity up to 18 tons plus more yields per hectare
Late maturity hybrid

A tall statured combo-type long season hybrid which combines excellent grain yields with good tolerance to Leaf Blight, cob diseases, Maize Streak and Mottle Viruses, and Grey Leaf Spot (GLS) while still offering decent stalk standability. This is a must grow variety for the serious farmer who wants high crop productivity while still benefiting from a reduced burden of disease control costs. SC 727 is recommended where high yield potential conditions prevail and leaf blight, GLS, and Maize Streak Virus are major disease threats.

Having given consistently high crop yields on test sites across Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the hybrid has great potential in these countries and in East Africa. Given its large frame, SC 727 is an obvious choice for ensiling. SC 727 can also be grown for green mealies where a white variety is acceptable in this type of market.

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