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Koekoeks chicks for sale. $1.5 per chick
The term “Koekoek” describes the colour pattern. The Koekoek’s colouring is present in as many as nine different breeds. The feather colouring is sex-linked, making it very useful in breeding programmes. If a black or red cock is crossed with a Koekoek hen, the sexes of the offspring can be separated when the chicks are only a day old. Sexes can be identified as the females are completely black, while the males have a white spot on the head. The Potchefstroom Koekoek was bred locally from crosses between the black Australorp and the White Leghorn.
Breed and performance information
Averages Male Female
Weight at 16 weeks 1.84 kg 1.4 kg
Weight at 20 weeks 2.4 kg 1.7 kg

Sexual maturity (days) 130 days

Average egg weight 55.7 g

Egg production 198 eggs per year

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