Hdmi To Hdmi+Vga Adapter

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1. The adapter only work for HDMI source to HDMI+VGA displays, it can't be reversed. 2. The HDMI+VGA output only can display the same picture and same Resolution(don't support difference resolution). 3. Support 1080p 60hz max. 4. Need to connect micro usb power. (The micro usb cable and power adapter not included.)
HDMI Recever with embedded controller to support the Audio, HDMI and VGA outputs,The On-chip HDMI/MHL/HDCP/CEC/CBUS controller makes the user very easy to use the chip. It manages HDMI/MHL RX,HDMI TX and HDCP function automatically without the need for user to develop firmware. The CEC Controller provides the CEC physical layer transceiver and handles the protocol layer automatically. The CBUS Controller provids the traslation between the MHL RAP/RCP Request and the HDMI CEC Command automati
The chip supports 1 HDMI/MHL RX port and 1 HDMI TX port the with repeater function, The chip also supports decoded Audio and VGA output. The chip is compliant with HDMI 1.4 and MHL 2.0 specification. In HDMI RX, this chip supports SD/HD Audio and Video in 12-bit Deep Color up to 1080p (225Mhz TMDS clock).In MHL RX,this chip supports the resolution up to 720p 60 Hz,1080p 30 Hz or 1080p60Hz in Packed Pixel Mode. The chip also supports on-chip HDCP RX/TX engines and EDID RAM.

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