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Automatic voltage regulators (AVR'S)

Power Quality Analyser & Data Loggers

The Power Quality Analysis instrument will capture/record any voltage/power anomaly.
This machine is the top of the range & latest power quality analysis instrument available that will capture waveforms of very short time occurring voltage/power issues to help pin point & isolate where problems originate from.
We also have data loggers that captures data at different points/DB’s etc. can be captured simultaneously for comparison in the same time frame for energy management, losses & control

Automatic Voltage Regulators(AVR’S)

We also supply AVR’s which use the bad high or low incoming mains and correct this bad voltage to a safe, stabilised voltage in your Organisation,. Keeps your voltage at 230v +-3% even when Mains or Generator inputs as low as 140 and as high as 260 Volts!!

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