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If you are an entrepreneur, professional or SME, we have a deal just for YOU. Whenever you are ready…


We assist clients to identify and mine underperforming, undervalued HIDDEN ASSETS, and overlooked OPPORTUNITIES. Whether you are locally or foreign-based! We’re value detectors, opportunity presenters, and miners. We PLAY to WIN. We don’t compete. We create, where the primary goal is to be the best we can be. Our powerful belief is that we can’t fail. We can only learn and grow. That’s how we win.

We work every day simply to be better than ourselves. Our goal is to make this month’s work better than last month’s. For, we want to see our clients in a better position than we found them in. We share our business acumen and intelligence, through our FREE monthly business articles. To subscribe, send us a blank email.

We continually forge long-term, profitable, win-win business relationships with clients and partners who share our beliefs, and are committed to the same cause. STRATEGIC ALLIANCES!

Is our value proposition, purpose or cause principally aligned with yours? Is it not the type of a relationship you want to have with your advisory firm? Who should you see if you’re having business challenges? Someone who cares – Steelpulse Advisory Services!

Our guiding credo is that, once you’ve mastered the rules of the game, you’ve the power to play better. Challenge the rules or change them!

If so, we would like to hear from you to explore your situation in detail.

We’re a small, specialist advisory firm based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Our service portfolio comprises Advisory, Tax, Business Coaching & Training, Accounting & System Administration, and Company Secretarial services.

Led by its approachable founder, Ishmael Hove! 2001 CIS 3rd Best Finalist Award winner! Has vast professional experience! And, has worked in the private sector (Manufacturing - Leather, Clothing & Textile), public sector and academia! He is the former Accountant at Hwange Colliery Company. And, a former Part-time Tutor at Zimbabwe Open University, Bulawayo for 5 years! To broaden his knowledge base, and sharpen his communication skills!


We do business with CLIENTS, not CUSTOMERS. A customer is a person who buys a commodity. Whereas, a client is a person under the PROTECTION of another person! According to Webster Dictionary!

We’re a learning entity. Admittedly, we don’t have all pieces of the puzzle. But as professionals, we know where to look. Unlike most advisory firms concerned about their image, we’re concerned only about your results. Our guiding credo is that, “Quality always cost less”. Hence, we’re continually improving the quality of our substance. For, our success is premised on your success!

We’re professionally obliged to treat your situation, as our own. And to deal with you, the same way we would our own important family member. We treat people the same way we would like to be treated. With respect and reverence for the outcome! We consider your interests to be more important, than our own. Why should it be otherwise?

Is our company culture aligned with yours? If so, we would like to hear from you to explore your situation in detail.

We provide uncompromising, personalized services which deliver premium value to our clients that:
Our STAFF is proud of,
Our CLIENTS recommend to family and friends,
And, our BUSINESS PARTNERS prefer for their clients,

Any time you’re not happy with our service performance, we’ve no right to detain you. We’ll either do WHATEVER it takes to make good. Or refund you and politely release you as a client. No cancellation penalties! No surprise billing!

We are radically TRANSPARENT and extremely OPEN-MINDED in ALL our business dealings.
We always do the RIGHT thing.
We are being governed by what is fair, rather than what is legal.
We are personally accountable for the results.
Where applicable, our fees are PERFORMANCE-BASED. Where, we both have skin in the game and mutually aligned interests. You only PAY FOR THE RESULTS!

Is that something principally on your radar screen? If so, we would like to hear from you to explore your situation in detail.

If you would like to know what other recipients of our services have to say, testimonials are available on request.

Our service portfolio is as follows,


Are you in need of professional assistance with your Accounting matters? We provide the following services,

Financial Reporting,
Statutory Compliance Accounting,
Budgeting, Financial projections and Sensitivity Analysis,
Tender Bid documentation and Supplier registration,
Fraud Investigations,

And, there is more…

Financial Advisory,
Due Diligence Test,
Accounting Training and Consulting,
Payroll Processing,
Business Sale/Purchase Broking,
Outsourced Accounting function,
And, Company Representative/Agent

How can we best serve YOU?

If we provoked your interest, you can either arrange a short-term problem solving meeting with us. Or we can discuss and explore the merits of a long-term, performance-based consulting relationship.


1. PERFORMANCE-BASED ADVISORY: Intelligent use of knowledge and developing competency is REAL POWER. We take your burden, identify and mine your HIDDEN ASSETS. You ONLY PAY FOR THE RESULTS.

2. BUSINESS COACHING & TRAINING: We help you to bring the REAL challenge FOR YOU into focus, not the FIRST challenge. Or are you in need of PRIVATE LESSONS in Tax and Accounting? Work with a professional in private practice! Group lessons & OUT OF TOWN students welcome!

3. STRATEGIC ALLIANCE PARTNERS WANTED: Grow Your Empire! Whether you’re locally or foreign-based! We’re seeking partners in the field of Communication & Business Networking, Skills Development & Business Coaching, Marketing & Sales, Copy Writing/Advertising, Technology, Publishing, Tax & Business regulatory environment, Accounting and, Company Secretarial matters. To build substantial structures on the basis of collaboration! No win-lose deals! Wisdom lies in the minds of others. Stand on the shoulders of giants, in this AGE OF MINDS!

Feel free to refer your family and friends to us.

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Safety Tips: Your safety is important to us.

Safety Tips

  1. Pay only after collecting item.
  2. Ensure to check the item before paying.
  3. Make yourself aware of common scams & fraud.