Steelpulse Advisory Services - Accounting Problems, We Can Help (24-7)

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If your business is plagued by Accounting problems, we can help. Services are available 24/7! Same rates apply on weekends and holidays! We accept 100% accountability for your results. No cancellation penalties or locked-in clauses!

Do any of the following relate to your situation?

You are seeking professional help to address your Accounting challenges. You lack critical skillset and you want to outsource your Accounting function.

You are seeking a profitable, long-term relationship with a strategic partner in areas of common interest. NOT A LOW COST VENDOR! Both local and abroad!

You are not happy with your bookkeeping and financial reporting standards. Your cost structure is very inefficient. Or you want due diligence tests done.


Service Availability (24/7): All services are available at the same rates on weekends and holidays.

Personalized Service: We provide uncompromising, personalized services which deliver premium value to our clients that:
Our staff is proud of,
Our clients recommend to family and friends,
And, our business partners prefer for their clients.

Professional Obligation: We conduct a service audit. We’re professionally obliged, to treat your situation as our own. And to deal with you, the same way we would our own important family member. We treat clients the same way we would like to be treated. With respect and reverence for the outcome!

Why should it be otherwise? Is it not the type of a relationship you want to have with your advisory partner?


We are a small, specialist advisory firm based in Mpopoma North, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Our service portfolio comprises Advisory, Tax & Statutory Compliance, Business Coaching & Training, Accounting & System Administration, and Company Secretarial services.

We assist clients to identify and mine underperforming, undervalued HIDDEN ASSETS, and overlooked OPPORTUNITIES. For both, locally and foreign-based! We are value detectors, opportunity presenters, and miners.

Is that something principally on your radar screen? If so, we would like to hear from you to explore your situation in detail.

Led by its approachable founder, Ishmael Hove! 2001 CIS 3rd Best Finalist Award winner! Has vast professional experience! And, has worked in the private sector (Manufacturing - Leather, Clothing & Textile), public sector and academia! He is the former Accountant at Hwange Colliery Company, Zimbabwe. And, a former Part-time Tutor at Zimbabwe Open University, Bulawayo for 5 years! To broaden his knowledge base, and sharpen his communication skills!


If peer confirmation is an insightful barometer of someone’s credibility and ability, here is what other recipients of our services have to say…

1st class professional – Mrs. Zerf, Belmont Construction (Executive Director), Bulawayo

The professionalism that Steelpulse has shown in the past years to us has been great – Mrs. Dube, Highway Security (Executive Director), Bulawayo

Ishmael assisted my company to comply with statutory provisions. That is, Company returns and Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA). Everything he did was extremely satisfactory – Mr. M. C. Sibanda, Labour Arbitrator & HR Specialist, Bulawayo


Consultation: We are radically transparent and extremely open-minded in all our business dealings. We take the time to understand, appreciate and respect your reality. We’re diagnostic, not prescriptive.
We only discuss prescription options with you, after making a thorough examination and a diagnosis first. Because, we address the cause, not effects.

Client feedback: We religiously and expectantly look forward to your invaluable feedback on our service performance. Hiccups you faced and your recommendations! For, at the end of each assignment you judge us accordingly. We are continually upgrading the quality of our work and your service experiences.

Performance-based Fee: Our fees are performance-based. You ONLY pay for RESULTS, where applicable. Where, we both have mutually aligned interests. Because, we respect our clients, our work, our time and what we bring to the table. We are being governed by what is fair, rather than what is legal.

Is our culture aligned with yours? If so, we would like to hear from you to explore your situation in detail.

Guarantee: We prescribe the appropriate solution for your real business challenge WITHIN 3 DAYS. Any time, you’re not happy with our service performance we’ve no right to detain you. We’ll either do whatever it takes to make good. Or refund you and politely release you as our client. No cancellation penalties! No surprise billing! We accept 100% accountability for your results. That is, as fair as we can be. Because the success of your business, coupled with our livelihood is on the line.

Is that fair enough for you so far?

Is our core values and core focus principally aligned with yours?


We have special deals on,

Business Coaching,
Accounting, Training
Tax Compliance,
And, Company & Statutory Compliance matters

Do you have any questions or concerns that we haven’t covered? Contact us to explore your situation in detail. Or just authorize the transaction, so that we can get started right away.

And one more thing…

If you like our services, tell a friend. If you don’t like our services, please please tell us!

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Safety Tips: Your safety is important to us.

Safety Tips

  1. Pay only after collecting item.
  2. Ensure to check the item before paying.
  3. Make yourself aware of common scams & fraud.