A Practical Approach to English Form 4 (New Curriculum) Learner’s Book

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A Practical Approach to English Form 4 Learner’s Book
Author: Varaidzo Makopa and Wishes Mututwa

This is a learner centred comprehensive book which gives learners a fruitful understanding of the learning area. It is equipped with the following salient features:
Information is presented in a simple way from known to unknown.
Pictures that illustrate different concepts to enhance understanding.
Practical activities that seek to engage learner’s through participatory learning.
It teaches comprehension skills, summary writing skills, supporting language structures, composition writing, registers, and communication among other key concepts.
It is enriched with exercises which covers every aspect of language taught, at least five exercises per each chapter, well numbered for easy reference and identification, and three seasonal examinations that helps to measure the performance of learners after covering a certain number of chapters.
It includes quiz, puzzles, and word matching activities so as to make the learning area more enjoyable.
There are twenty-two Chapters
It is accompanied with a complementary Teacher’s Guide

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