A Practical Approach to Commerce Form 4 Learner’s Book

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A Practical Approach to Commerce Form 4 Learner’s Book
Author: Gwiriri Oscar

This is a learner centred comprehensive book which gives learners an effective understanding of the learning area. It constitutes of the following features:
• Well-structured content as outlined in the syllabus from known to unknown.
• Interesting facts about the subject that motivate and stimulate interest in the learning of Commerce.
• Activities that require learners to actively participate in their learning process.
• Content that helps learners to understand, interpret business related concepts.
• Equips learners with practical enterprise skills and business related competences.
• Simple language to enhance understanding.
• Attractive illustrations that reinforce concepts being taught.
• Thorough revision exercises at the end of every unit, chapter and follow up examinations meant to evaluate the extent to which taught skills and knowledge have been understood.

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