An assortment of Power Tool Accessories that include;

Angle grinder pads, Air (pneumatic) accessories, Biscuit joiners and biscuits, Cabinet paper, Chassis punches, Chisel sets, Chucks for drills, Clamps, Countersinks for metal, Countersinks for wood, Cutting blades for wood, Cutting blades for aluminium, Cutting blades - multi purpose, Cutting discs for metal - Stainless Steel, multi purpose, Cutting discs for masonry, Grinding discs for steel, Diamond blades, Diamond bits, Dowels, Drill bits for steel (TorkCraft/Alpen), Drill bits for masonry (TorkCraft/Alpen), Drill bits for SDS (Alpen), Drill bits for wood (Alpen), Drill bits multi purpose (Alpen), Drill bits for glass and tile, Drill bit sets, Auger bits/scotcheye, Hollow core bits and adaptors, Multi angle drill bits, Spade bits, Step Drills, Emery cloth, Fiber discs, Flap discs, Flap wheels, Floor paper, Glass cutter, Grinding wheels/sets, Hole saws/sets, Jig saw blades (TorkCraft/MPS), Locks & Hinges, Magswitch, Mini tools & accessories, Nusetters, Palm wrenches, Pipe cutters, Planer, blades, Plug cutters, Router bits, Sanding belts, Sanding discs, Sanding sheets, Sanding triangles, Screw extractor sets, screwdriver bits/sets, Sharpeners, Sockets and accessories, Spring tools, Taps & Dies/sets, Toolbags, Thread repair sets, Water Paper, Wire brushes/wheels, Work gloves. Please call for further information.

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