A tint Specialist experts in tinting, we have introduced no joints tint in black and silver- no joints in your sliding doors, smash and grab, no bubbles, synage and branding of your car at your premises one day service. Also blinds all types and colours in stock (both vertical and horizontal blinds) available- vertical venetian, roller, vertical, wooden blinds, different colors to choose from. We expertly tint your office, boardrooms,- since you are now using projectors etc. House, vehicle, offices, banks, hotels - your sliding doors with a clear glass we frost or tint it with silver/ gold mirror tint for security and support it- it wont broken into pieces, increases its strength. We tint cars at the comfort of your own premise or home neatly done, vehicles at YOUR OWN PREMISES, We also do frosting, vinyl etc where both people cannot see each other whether you are inside or outside. Maintain your privacy. quality tint, 100% guaranteed. Deal with the experts for quality service, no regrets, no bubbles Guaranteed services, summer is here now, WE HAVE INTRODUCED HONEY COMB TINT FOR YOUR SLIDING DOORS WITH A CLEAR GLASS- NO JOINTS. protect your things inside by tinting it. Open everyday including weekends. Phone / Whatsapp The Tint Masters , , . Free quotation.

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