The Dyness battery module B4850 is widely used in energy storage and back-up power systems. For new energy storage, from distributed household energy storage systems to centralized power station energy storage system, B4850 plays an excellent role for its modular design. For back-up power systems, module-based systems can be irreplaceable both in grid and off-grid

SOLAR SYSTEM LARGE OFFICE / HOUSEHOLD 5 Kva LITHIUM Hybrid GROWATT off grid inverter with built in MPPT Solar charger 60Amp built in 220V charge LCD screen highlighting condition, load, battery charge and perfrmance FREE wifi stick to monitor performance over computer or cellphone SYSTEM DESIGN. Connected to House office main circuit board with 12v and 220v curcut breakers and fuses, change over switch 4 x 3.5 KWH DYNESS LITHIUM battery 12 x 270 watt Monocrystaline ( Max PV input 145 vdc 12 panels ) solar panels roof mounted with rails. NOT SUITABLE for swimming pool or irrigation pump or continious borehole hole operation use at night IDEAL APPLICATION. 1. small office daytime use 10 x work stations related office equipment fridge kettle lights 1 x booster pump. night usage security and lights or 2. small home 2 x fridge 1 x booster pump 1 x borehole domestic use day time TV and lights fans related small appliances 24 hr operation off grid more or less no zesa required

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