Private English lessons for domestic workers

Private English lessons for domestic workers.

This particular package has been created by Free Your Mind Private Tuition for domestic workers. Should you find that you are having difficulties communicating with your employer in fluent English then this is just the course to help you communicate effectively while on the job. This is a tailor made course designed to cut down on miscommunication between you and your employer.

This course once completed will ensure that you as a domestic worker can fully understand the instructions given by your employer and that you can also confidently make requests relating to your work thereby fostering a good working relationship. Speaking and understanding English will make you an efficient worker and help you produce better results and leave a lasting good impression on the job every time! We, at Free Your Mind Private Tuition will help you with telephone etiquette, social skills to help you communicate with service providers be it in a supermarket, at the green grocer, or while at the hardware store or plant nursery.

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