PREMIUM DEGREASER 5L (Bulk Orders 25L and above)


per litre


Gewinn Premium Degreaser is an industrial strength, water soluble, non-flammable detergent degreaser concentrate, which incorporates advanced concepts in chemical soil removal. It will effectively remove a variety of soils common to industrial, institutional, and commercial facilities, including accumulation of grease, oils, grime, soot, smoke, dirt, food and light rust stains. It handles grease and grime with quick ease while assuring the removal of build-up not cleaned by normal cleaning procedures. At full strength, this product will strip paint on most surfaces and allow for easy removal. Diluted to proper ratios it is safe on most surfaces.

Floors Light cleaning 1: 20,
Heavy soil and stripping 1: 5 Concrete 1: 10 Painted Surfaces 1: 10 Machinery & Equipment 1:5
Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. For best results, test a small area prior to use.

Product harmful if swallowed. Contact physician immediately. For eye contact, flush area with clear water for 15minutes and contact physician immediately.

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