200MM $ 20
300MM $ 30
400MM $ 40
Foot sealer 600mm $220.00
Foot sealer 1200mm $380.00
Continuous sealer $400.00

Product Description:

FS Series Impulse sealer is suitable for sealing all kinds of polyethylene and poly proplylene film recombined materials and aluminum-plastic film as well. They can be widely used for batch manufacturing of foods, medicine, hardware, they are used to seal equipment in super market, family and factory. Model C can automatically cut of the bag when finish the sealing.


Model CE-200 CE-300FS (12")

Voltage 110-220/50-60 110-220/50-60

Impulse(W) 450 600

Sealing Length(mm) 200 300

Sealing width(mm) 2-3 2-3

Max.Seal Thickness(mm) 0.01-1.00 0.01-1.00

Heat Time(s) 0.2-1.3 0.2-1.3

Dimension(mm) 40×38×42mm 48×44×39mm

Weight(kg) 5.5 6.5

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