OKO Janitorial Care Concentrate 5L (One Product Multi-purposes)



OKO Jani-care Concentrate is industrial strength, multi-purpose degreasing, cleaning, disinfectant and sanitizing solution from Industrial, Institutional, Medical and Home hygiene application.
WHY Jani-Care?
1L Concentrate is More than 10L of Ready to Use expensive detergents bought in shops daily? Stop buying Water, Buy Concentrate and Use your readily available water!

#Kitchen Degreaser and Cleaner
#Bathroom and Toilets Cleaner
# Grill & Stove Degreaser-Cleaner
# Disinfectant and Sanitiser in food and public facilities (Butchery, Food Outlets, Restaurants, Medical facilities)
#Tile & Carpet Cleaner
#Greasy and Oil tools, machinery and parts
# Hard surface cleaner: Industrial, institutional and home applications
# Windows and glass cleaner and many more cleaning applications
Dilutions I Part Concentrate: 1-40 Water depending on the soil or surface to be cleaned.
Request and collect a free sample at our retail outlet, in Workington.
Factory Direct Prices Available for 5Litres and below packs, Bulk orders save up to 40% on the retail price and provide your own drum for further discounts (Usual price USD2.40/L with our drum and with own drum USD1.50/Litre from 25L and above, above 100L further discounts are available.)
Call our sales and marketing team on 0242 753797 or 058 323 or 219 603/ 513

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