Shadow Blue is the latest unicolour décor. The single, refreshing colour of the unicolour decors created as a contrast to the slightly warmer, natural appearance of the other woodgrain decors. The Shadow Blue unicolour decor is versatile by nature as its smooth, neutral appearance enables it to effortlessly complement the more textured and natural-looking woodgrains that make up our new collection.

The Shadow Blue unicolour décor is characterised by its single, cool colour; an understated yet crisp, blue-tinted tone which in turn would make it a somewhat soothing and subtle addition to the décor of a room.

Our Shadow Blue unicolour décor is available in both the Textured and Silhouette finishes, enabling you to choose whether you‘d prefer the authentically tactile feel of the linear-embossed Silhouette finish or the smooth, polished feel of the Textured finish.

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