158 days to maturity up to 16 tons
Late maturing hybrid

SC 719 is a late maturing, semi-dent, white hybrid with very good Grey Leaf Spot, Maize Streak and Mottle Viruses tolerance, along with good resistance to Northern Corn Leaf Spot and Phaeosphaeria Leaf Spot diseases. For the maturity group, SC 719 has good heat and drought stress tolerance making it an optional variety choice under dry land maize farming.
Despite being taller than most 7 and 6 series hybrids, SC 719 lodging exhibits very good resistance to both stalk root lodging. Average yield performance shows a 20% advantage over SC 709 and 9% above SC 713 which makes this hybrid an important consideration for Region ii B in Zimbabwe, Region iii in Zambia, the higher rainfall environments of Malawi, along with the transitional highland zones of East Africa.
This hybrid exhibits some ear rots where plant residue exists, so good rotation practice is recommended where SC 719 is grown. The SC 719 tall and large plant structure, late maturity, excellent lodging tolerance, early vigor and high grain yield makes it an ideal choice for silage.

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