144 days to maturity up to 10 tons per hectare
Medium maturing hybrids

SC 627 is a white, semi-flint medium maturity hybrid, with Grey Leaf Spot (GLS) tolerance similar to SC 709 and very good Maize Streak Virus tolerance. The average yield potential of SC 627 is almost identical to the old, well-known hybrid, and about 5% higher than SC 621. SC 627 has a high ear placement and is fairly prolific under favorable conditions.

Grain quality is very good, being flintier than other hybrids of similar maturity. SC 627 has good yield stability and is recommended over a wide of yield levels, particularly in areas where GLS or Maize Streak Virus incidence is high. SC 627 has good heat and drought stress tolerance and is widely adaptable. SC 627 has shown some isolated sensitivity to Boron deficiency, and where this is anticipated, a Boronated compound fertilizer should be used.

This hybrid has some susceptibility to cob rots and so where ear rots are not known to exist in plant residues or in favorable environments for these diseases, SC 621 would be a better choice if a medium maturing hybrid is required.

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