Gewinn General Purpose Maintenance Cleaner & Detergent (Concentrate) 5L


Gewinn GPMC is a high performance, fast acting heavy duty industrial maintenance cleaner and detergent in a concentrated form.
Particularly effective against oil and grease bound dirt, Gewinn GPMC gives superior results on a range of surfaces and can be used with complete safety on all metal, glass, plastic, leather and ceramic surfaces.
Gewinn GPMC is a very versatile cleaning product and can be used for a variety of industrial applications, typically:
• Concrete floors
• Factory equipment
• Motor parts
• Aircraft parts
• Food processing equipment
• Cookers and cooking equipment
• Hospitality & Food Services
• Street cones and parking meters
• Carpets
• Schools and public buildings
Product Benefits
• Fast acting, heavy duty cleaner
• Concentrated form
• Superb results on oil and grease bound dirt
• Completely safe on a wide range of surfaces
• The trusted cleaner for many industrial applications
• Free rinsing with water
• Leaves surfaces free from streaks and suds
• Converts oils into water soluble dirty
.Economical dilutes with water 1: 20

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