The statistics on the effects of cooksmoke seem overwhelming, but it’s not all bad news. Unlike for many other global problems, the solution to this problem is simple. It can be realized instantly and revolves around a desirable, multi-functional tool with the potential to improve health, the environment, and combat poverty on a truly global scale. Creating a solution and making it accessible to those in developing countries who may not currently have access to an alternative, can significantly alleviate the problems resulting from open-fire cooking.

African Clean Energy has been founded for this reason, to provide smokeless and sustainable cookstoves for anyone, anywhere.

Our solution is ACE 1 Ultra-Clean Biomass Cookstove.

ACE 1 is at the vanguard of stove innovation, using gasification to smokeless burn almost any type of biomass. This helps reducing household pollution and related diseases, thus improving health condition of women and children in developing countries. Moreover, drastically reducing the risk of house fires, our stove is able to avoid the numerous deaths occurring for this reason.

As a multifunctional cleantech tool, the ACE 1 is a product for everyone and everywhere.
Whether people are taking it camping, to festivals, or simply as an additional tool for cooking at home and in the garden, we are proud to say that the ACE 1 is an African product with endless possibilities to provide clean and portable cooking solutions all over the world. With its fast cooking time, efficient use of fuel, high cooking heat and electric output, it’s the perfect companion for all your culinary adventures.

From an environmental perspective, ACE 1 is so efficient it requires around 70% less fuel to run, compared to traditional cooking methods. In addition, its gasification process ensures almost complete combustion of fuel, eliminating black carbon, which is a significant contributor to climate change.

So what does The ACE 1 burn?

Our cookstove has been designed to burn a wide variety of biomass, including found fuels such as sticks and twigs, cowdung, and corn husks. Crucially, it has been designed to also burn processed biomass fuels like wood pellets and briquettes, which are made from waste materials like sawdust, forestry waste, or agricultural waste​. This means customers in urban areas can be given access to sustainable fuels, replacing current unsustainable ones like paraffin and charcoal. The latter, charcoal, can in fact be burned cleanly and efficiently ​in the ACE 1 too, but due to its inefficient production process, we are keen to replace it with sustainable alternatives. Combined with available biomass, the ACE 1 presents a cost-effective and environmentally sound fuel solution.
It is also incredibly powerful. The fact that it lights up quickly and it is almost immediately ready to cook, in addition to the fact that, thanks to its refractory ceramic tiles, it retains heat for longer, are some of our customers’ most loved features.

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