Aluminium sliding doors, sliding folding doors in both natural and bronze, charcoal grey, expertly fitted, office partitions, houses, lodges, shops etc. This comes with a 6mm clear float, bronze glass, blue or clear fadban to match all your needs. all types available, Guaranteed workmanship, no regrets, deal with the experts. Genuine materials used. Remember aluminium products are not for the rest but for the best. Please please do not rush to look at the price but rather for the quality of the material being used, remember you are building a life time property. You can also buy your own materials then we just agree on labour, the option is available. Remember Stars do not struggle to shine. Quality and quaranteed materials used., open everyday. For quality workmanship you will not regret with qualified personnel, feel the difference, free to contact us on fon/ Whatsssup / fon / . Quotation is free

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