4M tank stand + 5000L tank + Installation + Plumbing (10 yr warranty)


Package price breaks down as follows:
4M Stand for 5000L $429
Tank stand Installation $130
5000L tank $345
Plumbing $110

Transport is charged separately depending on installation location

Tank stands: All our tank stands have a flat platform and a security cage to secure the tank. The platforms are designed to support the weight of the tank and the water. Every tank stand we install is covered by a 10 year warranty.

Tank stand installations: are overseen by experienced installers to ensure that the tank stand is installed at a perfect right angle to the ground, the correct width and depth is dug and that the correct concrete mixture is prepared.

Plumbing charge: includes labour and plumbing material. Connections from your water source to the tank. As well as connections from your water tank to the building or points where water will be used

If you’re not sure about the appropriate height for your tank stand, you can book a site visit (free within Harare) or visit our website to read the guide or get our catalogue via email or whatsapp to read through the the guide (the guide is on pages 5 to 6 of the catalogue)

No hidden costs – the amount on the quotation is all you will pay, no extra amounts will be requested.
You can request and receive quotes from the comfort of your home or office. We are available online and send out quotes via Whatsapp and Email.
You can request that one of our welders come to your property to take measurements or assess for a custom quote (site visits are FREE within Harare)
There are multiple payment options you can take advantage of. You can visit our office for payment or request that we come collect payment or bring a swipe machine. You can also process transfers remotely.

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