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1, 2 tonne trucks for hire.

1, 2 tonne trucks for hiring. Contact +.

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Car rental mini bus hire
  • Harare South

Car Rental Mini Bus Hire

Regional relocation specialists
  • Harare South

Biddulphs operates direct transport services to and from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Mozambique and Malawi. As Zimbabwe's most...

Vehicle delivery service- namibia to plumtree

Vehicle Delivery Service Martflock Logistics Your carrier for all your goods and vehicles. From Walvis Bay Namibia to Plumtree/Kazungula Zimbabwe From $700 For more info co...

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Crane truck for hire
  • Harare South

4 Tonne crane trucks for hire. Crane can lift upto 4 tonnes and truck can carry 8 tonnes. Crane can lift a 20ft empty container. Call OR

Transportation of good/ orders to zimbabwe from south africa make your shopping list online and give us the list we will buy and deliver for u in Zim then you pay on delivery safe deal

Shop online at makro,game,builders,phamarcy, furniture shop, factory or any wholesale or manufacture which is in south Africa you can do dat from ZIM,UK,Dubai ,over seas and give...

Pallets- wooden pallets (durable)
  • Harare North

The Heavy Duty Wooden Pallets made out of highly durable wood. Precisely designed to perfection, our Heavy Duty Wooden Pallets are perfect for the transportation and storage purpo...

Storage of goods at glens removals

Glens Removals has the largest and only palletized temperature controlled warehouse in Zimbabwe. With over 30 000 square meters warehousing space. Glens Care takes care of your s...

Scania r500, martin hd60 dolly + rgn75 trailer

Scania R500, Martin HD60 dolly + RGN75 trailer

Packing and crating of fine art

Special , Fine Art Packing and Handling, you can only get it at Glens Care.We recognize that your souvenirs and fine works of art are of great value therefore deserve to be 'Handle...

Vehicle delivery service- frm tanzania tochirundu

Vehicle Delivery Service Martflock Logistics Your carrier for all your goods and vehicles. From Tanzania to Chirundu From $700 For more info cont...

WhatsApp for a truck & we'll send it - Simple!!!

No more hustles of running around, searching for a truck to hire - the truck will come to you. We have the best rates in Zimbabwe with a presence in all major towns and cities....

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Available is DAF CF75 curtain side 15 tonne trucks available for hire in Zimbabwe.Truck recently imported from UK this January.Truck in excellent condition and pulls like a train....

Vehicle Collection and Clearing
  • Bulawayo East

Looking for someone to pick up and clear your car or property? We order,purchase,clear and deliver to your door step from Dar es salaam, Durban, Mesinna, United Kingdom or Japan...

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We Have Various Lowbed Trucks for Hire that have Permits for The Whole of Africa. No Load is too big or too Small.

  • Harare East

Available for hire per day , week months or event