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Medal Cover All Acrylic
  • Harare North

Medal Premium Cover All Acrylic is a luxurious paint with a durable sheen finish, which has been specifically designed to protect and decorate all exterior walls. This product is f...

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Astra Roof & Stoep PVA Black/Red Oxide 20L
  • Harare CBD

Astra PVA roof and stoep paint is an acrylic co-polymer based emulsion paint for roofs and stoeps Non toxic Durable Light fast and easy to apply Mainly used for prote...

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Medal Universal Stainers -TINTERS 50ml
  • Harare East

Medal Universal Stainers are primarily used in standard white paints to provide different colour options. Medal Paint Accessories Universal Stainers 50ml Bottle Appeara...

Paint tray
  • Harare East

Paint Tray:Easy pouring lip on the tray,sturdy - does not bend,hook for easy storage and locally sourced. At an incredible retail price of $1.10 only. Contact Artisan for a list of...

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Dulux Eggshell Enamel White
  • Harare North

Description: Dulux Super Eggshell Enamel is a high quality interior enamel with an eggshell finish. Number of coats: Apply two to three finishing coats to achieve a closed film an...

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Medal Eggshell Enamel

Medal Eggshell Enamel is a high quality paint suitable for the protection and decoration of all interior surfaces where a durable eggshell finish is required. This product leaves a...

Astra super acrylyc pva white 5l

Astra Super Acrylyc Pva White 5l

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Dulux Roofguard
  • Harare North

Dulux Roofguard is a superior durable exterior roof coating with Solarflex properties. Number of coats: Apply two to three finishing coats to achieve a closed film and solid colou...


Move with the times and enhance the quality of your bathroom or toilet with our quality and affordable Bidets. We also have the Bidet taps. Soooo beautiful and adds to the conve...

Astra universal undercoat white 5l

Astra Universal Undercoat White 5l

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Dulux Brick Dressing 5L
  • Harare North

Dulux Brick Dressing is a clear, glossy sealer for use on face or standard brick, stone and quarry stone surfaces

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Dulux Acrylic PVA 20L
  • Harare North

Dulux Acrylic PVA is a high quality interior/exterior washable matt finish

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Medal Textured Paint
  • Harare North

A flexible exterior wall coating, which is recommended for use on exterior concrete and cement-plastered surfaces.

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Rockgrip Universal Acrylic PVA 20L
  • Harare North

Rockgrip Universal Acrylic PVA is a matt wall and ceiling finish for interior use. Attractive matt finish Masks plastering imperfections Recommended for roller application...

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Medal School Board Paint

Medal School Board Paint is an excellent quality water-based paint that has been specially formulated for schools.

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Medal Pave Coat

Medal Pave Coat is a superior quality paint, which was specifically developed to provide an exceptional hard wearing finish for concrete paving bricks. A floor coating that has exc...

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Medal Mid Sheen Acrylic PVA

Medal Mid Sheen Acrylic is a superior quality paint with a fine-smooth finish, which has been developed to protect and beautify all interior and exterior surfaces. this product is...

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Medal High Gloss White

Medal High Gloss Enamel is a superior quality paint suitable for decorating and protecting all interior and exterior surfaces. This product has an excellent gloss level and is full...