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Cattle Ranching Farm, 1500 Hectares, 2 Homesteads, Diptank, Cattlepens for 1200 Herd of Cattle,2 perennial rivers, 1 perennial stream,2 Boreholes, Sweet grass(Extremely good for ca...

Harrisvale stands
Harrisvale stands
  • 875 m²
  • Bulawayo North

Harrisvale is an area situated in the North of Bulawayo. It is adjacent to the Bulawayo State House which is neigbouring the Saucetown Surburb. The availabe stand range from 875sqm...

Heavy Industrial Site stand
Heavy Industrial Site stand
  • Plumtree

A serviced 4400 ( 44 x 110 ) industrial stand situated in Plumtree along Plumtree Botswana Highway. Has easy access to ZESA ,water and railway lines. Located on flat landscape.