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Zimbabwe junior chefs

Zimbabwe Junior Chefs Basic Skills Course now on for this November. Other City and Guilds courses enrolling for January 2016 are 1. Culinary Arts 2. International Tourism 3. Cu...

Snacks and cake decorating courses

Snacks (6 - 7 hrs)per module Module one $25 Samoosas, Spring rolls, half moons, mini pizza & tuna melts Module two $25 Pie, sausage roll, sausage puffs, Salmon triangles, vol au...

S.A.H.T.C. - The Hospitality School
S.A.H.T.C. - The Hospitality School
  • Harare CBD

Build a foundation in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts, through inspired classroom teaching and innovative, practical experience. Our courses are hands-on, forward-think...