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M.a.r.s. pen by red dane farming

Introducing the MARS (Mobile Animal Rearing System) pen, ideal for dairy calves! This revolutionary system decreases labor inputs, increases rumen development, and provides clean,...

Coco Peat & Coco Peat Grow Bags

Coco Peat is one of the most diverse and popular products currently on the market as it can be used as a Growing Medium, Moisture Retainer, Soil Conditioner, Mulching Agent or Root...

New Barbed Wire Rolls
  • Harare CBD

New Barbed Wire 25kg $35 and 50kg $70

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Milk bar 10 feeder by red dane farming

Milk Bar calf feeders for dairy calves: Milk Bar's specially-designed nipples feed calves the natural way! Calves fed by Milk Bar nipples generate saliva which is essential for dig...

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Snack Water Trough by Red Dane Farming

The Milk Bar Snack Trough provides your calves with constant access to fresh water. This trough hooks onto various fences (up to 25mm) and includes a float with a 19mm thread for a...

Knap Sacks

Our range of spraying equipment consists of back-pack knap sacks and smaller units used in intensive horticulture. Features of our Knap Sacks include: 5 ATM Pressure...

Icefeed Mukono Bull Ration

This 16% formula has been proven on Zimbabwean bulls. Feed 1% of the bull's body weight each morning to ensure your bull stays healthy and active, able to produce more calves for y...

Bain rippers 3 – 7 tynes
  • Harare South

Bain Rippers 3 – 7 Tynes

Mastitis Mint by Red Dane Farming

Mastitis Mint is an all-natural, locally-produced ointment for external treatment of cows with mastitis. Developed in Zimbabwe, Mastitis Mint stimulates the cow's immune system...

Barrier wxpress net (orange) fencing 1m x 50m roll

BARRIER wxpress net (orange) FENCING 1X 50M ROLL Security

Greenhouse Tunnels

Greencon stocks two ranges of greenhouse tunnels: the ULMA Africa Tunnel and the BK Tunnel. Features of these tunnels include insect netting, air vents etc. The standard sizes a...

Trellis Netting

Our high quality trellis netting range imported from Europe and which is fast becoming the trellising product of choice amongst local growers. Made from high quality BOP the nettin...

Bain nj series ploughs – 2 – 4 discs
  • Harare South

Bain NJ Series Ploughs – 2 – 4 DISCS

Compressor - 500litre tank - spray painting - pumping tyres

Air Compressor with single head - 500 litre air tank Suitable for paint spraying, pumping tyres, cleaning machines

Cattle bail
  • Harare South

Cattle Bail

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Konya raingun sprinkler
  • Harare South

Konya rain gun sprinkler covers up to 1.4Hacters per unit time, maximum irrigation radius 66m discharging 108cubic meters per hour at a max pressure head of 800kpa (8bar). Come to...

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6029 rain gun irrigation sprinkler
  • Harare South

6029 Rain Gun Irrigation sprinkler throws up to 30m radius at a maximum pressure of 5bars discharging 17Cubic meters per hour price includes stand

hippo grinding mill (chigayo)
  • Chitungwiza

The grinding mill is fairly new it's does everything. It's in good condition.....

poultry consultancy solutions
  • Harare South

For all your poultry requirements, feel free to contact . Including: consultation, vaccination, equipment, post mortems, bird treatment, house cleaning & fumigation an...

Icefeed Calf Quick Start Meal

Icefeed’s Calf Quick Start Meal is specially formulated to boost your pre-weaned calves up to 3 months old. It contains adequate fibre, starches and other well-balanced nutrients...