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Toilet sets
  • Harare CBD


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Wall shower

Fancy wall showers with shower rose and four adjustable fine spray shower heads hot and cold mixer easy to clean just Unique SHOWERS SHOWERS SHOWERS SHOWERS

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Basin sets
  • Harare CBD

Brown and white basin set available at a reasonable price


Used cast iron bath tub for sale

Jacuzzi For sale
  • Harare North

Old Jacuzzi that has not been used for a while is up for sale. It needs a bit of a fix up and we are open to any suggestion on the pricing. Just give me a call if you are intereste...

White Oval Spa Bath Tub

For sale is a white oval spa bath tub. Never been used. Call

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Toilet pan
  • Harare CBD

Ceramic Toilet Pan Contact our sales teams at any of our two branches:- ANGWA BRANCH Telephone: 04-770234/770331 Mobile: ...

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Solar geyser 100l complete
  • Harare CBD

Solar Geyser Complete -Aluminium Frame - 10 Evacuated Glass Solar Tubes - 1500W Electrical Element - Mag Bar - 5L assist tank -Gravity Flow -5 year warrant...

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Toilet set ( in store special)

Toilet set, pan, cistern complete with flush kit and toilet seat, hurry while stocks last for this incredible giveaway

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Basin and pedestal set (in store special)

Basin and Pedestal set, Hurry while stocks last for this incredible giveaway

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Dejay basin plug chain

Dejay Basin Plug chain

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Dejay soap box clear

Dejay Soap Box Clear

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Dejay 4 hook rack plastic

Dejay 4 Hook Rack Plastic, for hanging face clothes etc

Bostik silicone shower clear 90ml

Bostik silicone shower clear 90ml

Urinal flush tap

A Direct flushing unit for urinal pots no need for cistern

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Basin mixer

Prince Basin Mixer Single tap doing both

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Bath Tub Mixer Golden

Golden Bath Tub mixer Very Unique, beautiful and durable Adjustable head Bath Tub mixer Bath Tub Mixer Bath Tub Mixer

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Towel rail

More space, easy to install and chrome plated reduced to clear TOWEL RAIL TOWEL RAIL TOWEL RAIL

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Tub mixer with rose

Tub mixer with its shower rose on a 1.4m long flex pipe Shower Rose Spray adjustable

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Hand basin and pedestal

Hand Basin and Pedestal set. Smart. White and Ivory