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Electric Fence
Silver Priority Advert Electric Fence

We do all types of electric fence. From 5-8 strand wall top up to 20 strand free strand electric fences. All electric fences use Cathode energizers. Free site visits on request.

Harare $1,500
Italian Lounge Suite
Silver Priority Advert Italian Lounge Suite

Italian Lounge Suite , Leather , 4 piece (2x2seater & 2x1seater) Visit our showroom for the best deals ever.

Harare $1,550
incl. VAT
Baracuda T5 Duo
Silver Priority Advert Baracuda T5 Duo

■ COMPACT DESIGN. Ergonomic design makes it streamlined and extremely manoeuvrable. This simple design also allows for easy maintenance. ■ DURALIFE DIAPHRAGM. The only moving part on the cleaner. It provides incredible durability, power and whisper-quiet operation. ■ DUO DISC. The...

Harare $313
incl. VAT
Heavy Duty Compressor 20HP Diesel Engine
Silver Priority Advert Heavy Duty Compressor 20HP Diesel Engine

Heavy Duty Compressor 20HP Diesel Engine

Other $7,000

All ROLUX lawnmowers are rugged and engineered for our conditions. 1 Year warranty - full backup and service available - parts, blades, wheels etc... We are also open weekends Sat: 8 am to 5 pm Sun: 8.30 am to 12.30 pm and some public holidays

Harare $395
Complete Kitchens
Silver Priority Advert Complete Kitchens

As the hub of the home kitchen is the room with all the action. It is not just the place to prepare and cook food, it is also used to entertain guests, storing gadgets and eating family meals. Your design needs to accommodate all these activities. It does not matter what type of finish you are...

Harare $6,000
Silver Priority Advert ACS 48000 BTU Floor Standing Unit

Advantages of using ACS: Turbo Function Timer Function Multi-Fan Speed Memory Function Anti-Cool Air Design Intelligent Defrosting Two direction Air Vane Fault Diagnosis Display Low Voltage Start-up Low Temperature Start-up 5 year...

Harare $2,900
incl. VAT
Berkey Water Filtration System
Silver Priority Advert Berkey Water Filtration System

Berkey water filtration systems have emerged as the top performing water filter in the industry. The filtering element in all Berkey water filter systems is cleanable, making the Berkey the longest lasting water filter on the market and giving it the ability to take water from almost any source and...

Harare $520
incl. VAT
Cot bed - Kids furniture items
Silver Priority Advert Cot bed - Kids furniture items

Cot beds convert to a junior bed by lowering the base and removing the sides and will last until your child is about 5 years old. They are bigger than standard cots and last a lot longer, many cot beds come with matching furniture. Our cot beds are custom made WE MAKE TO ORDER, PLACE...

Harare $250
incl. VAT
Sauna Corner Unit Infra Red
Silver Priority Advert Sauna Corner Unit Infra Red

This unit comes complete with a cd player, touch pad controls with a timer, LED coloured lighting and tempered glass. It will run off a standard 13A plug socket.

Harare $5,700
incl. VAT
Alcohol tester Digital
Silver Priority Advert Alcohol tester Digital

Portable Hygenic Affordable. ideal for drivers staff operators teenagers

Harare $132
incl. VAT
Quality  0.75Kw Pump and Motor
Silver Priority Advert Quality 0.75Kw Pump and Motor

Quality 0.75Kw Pump and Motor. Suitable for use with a 3 bag filter

Harare $276
incl. VAT
Lampshade Red Box Shape
Silver Priority Advert Lampshade Red Box Shape

Lampshade Red US$15.00 Lighting world - Lampshades

Harare $15
incl. VAT
Water Softeners and Scaleless Systems
Silver Priority Advert Water Softeners and Scaleless Systems

Water softeners break down salt (NaCl) into sodium ions (Na+) and chloride (aka ionic chlorine [Cl-]). They operate on a simple principle: Calcium and magnesium ions in the water switch places with more desirable ions, usually sodium. The exchange eliminates both of the problems of hard water...

Harare $1,760
incl. VAT
incl. VAT
Quality 0.6Kw Pump and Motor
Silver Priority Advert Quality 0.6Kw Pump and Motor

Quality 0.6Kw Pump and Motor. This unit is best suited to a 2 bag filter

Harare $268
incl. VAT
incl. VAT
Solar Garden Light
Silver Priority Advert Solar Garden Light

Solar Garden Light with 1.7m Pole

Harare $190
incl. VAT
Silver Priority Advert Masvingo

Z-Imba explained. Pls see flyers attached. Our cheapest module is a 2.8 x 2.8m which costs $1250 (1 door and 1 windows inclusive). This is the standard moculde and you can add on to this Z-imba as much as you want to make it as sbig as you want. Our buildings are made of chromadec...

Harare $1,250
IBR Roof Shade
Silver Priority Advert IBR Roof Shade

IBR Roof Shade Double (zinc).

Harare $680
incl. VAT
Gas Fridges
Silver Priority Advert Gas Fridges

never be fooled a gas fridge is better and more efficient with various sizes to match your application.

Harare $800
incl. VAT

Double Moveable Sunport What differentiates our products: • Our unique design allows for easy relocation making it a moveable asset even within your own premises should the need arise unlike other designs which are concreted straight into the ground • Our unique cantilever legs...

Harare $660.32

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