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Undergraduate, postgraduate MBA assignments and Dissertations
  • Bulawayo North

Come and receive premium advice and assistance for your dissertations and assignments for undergraduate and postgraduate MBA and MSc. Education, Sociology, Health Sciences, Commerc...

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Book Writer Seeking Funding

I am seeking funding to publish a series of Self help and Motivational ebooks on online platforms like Amazon and Apple Bookstores. Books will be of the highest quality and I expec...

Publishing Services
  • Harare South

Book Cover design Editing Typesetting Printing Online Distribution

  • Harare West

Will proofread any body of text of 200 pages or less within 48 hours for $5. Price will be increased for any texts with more than 200 pages.

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Transcription Services
  • Harare CBD

US$0.50 per minute for English transcription. High level of accuracy - proof-reading, guaranteed confidentiality (signing of non-disclosure agreement if required), 24 hour delivery...

  • Harare North

We Not Just Writing, We Righting! Regardless of the type of job you are trying to get, the competition in all industries is extremely fierce. To the employer, your CV is the fir...

Dissertation Assistance in Critical Times
  • Bulawayo North

You are badly behind time and research project is due. Service available 24/7. Call or Whatsapp so that submission is done in time without errors.

Quality dissertation services
  • Bulawayo North

Proofreading services, data presentation, data analysis, literature review, supervisor corrections. Call or Whatsapp for quick, reliable, dependable, efficient, time...

Research projects: Premium advice and assistance available
  • Bulawayo North

Graduate with a distinction or a merit whilst we assists you with your project. Why stress yourself? Advice and assistance available at reasonable costs so that you earn your soc...

MBA and Masters projects
  • Bulawayo North

Project proposal, full length dissertation, field trials, dissertation editing, Eviews, SPSS data analysis and coding, literature search, Data analysis, Plagiarism free content

Undergraduate and Masters Projects
  • Bulawayo North

Dissertation editing, statistical analysis, data analysis, field trials, project proposals, literature search, full length dissertation

Bachelor and Masters degree Dissertation writing, proof-reading, editing (SUCCESS GUARANTEED)
  • Harare CBD

Are you struggling with your final year dissertation, thesis or even paper to publish? then we are the people to contact as soon as possible. We are a group of Graduate level acade...


ARE YOU JOB SEEKING? Regardless of the type of job you are trying to get, the competition in all industries is extremely fierce. To the employer, your CV is the first sign of appea...

  • Harare West

Dissertations at affordable rates and flexible payment terms. Contact

Interpreting services
  • Harare East

Interpreting services in the following combination: French to English Portuguese to English English to Portuguese Shona to English English to Shona

Dissertation Help
  • Harare West

Need help with your dissertation? Quality guaranteed services at affordable rates. Undergraduate up to PhD. Call/app +

Editing and Proof reading services
  • Harare West

Professional editing and proofreading of business documents, articles for publication, essays (Undergraduate and Masters level ) for grammar, punctuation logical flow of ideas and...

Film Concepts/Scripts Writting For Broadcast and Commercials
  • Harare CBD

Do you need a developed film concept. Are you looking for commercial concepts for television ads Or your company wants a film expert to develop concepts for infomercials & corpor...

dissertation, proposal & assignment writing services
  • Harare North

Get professional help; don’t struggle with your dissertation!!!!!!! Project Writers provides a range of services including Writing, Research, Critique, Formatting and Editing, P...

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Assignment writing services
  • Harare CBD

Welcome to our custom writing service! Get help with any kind of assignment – from a simple letter or essay to a dissertation. We write to your specifications and always work...