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Borehole Drilling & Installation
  • Harare East

For all your #BOREHOLE Siting ,Pump & Tank Installations, Drilling & Casing, Capacity tests, Repairs, Flushing, Exploration Drilling ,iRRIGATIONs & SOLAR BOREHOLES ,Tanks & Stand....

per metre
Borehole drilling
  • Harare North

Our boreholes are built to last. With our trailer mounted rig and 4 x 4 tractor we can drill inaccessible sites. We have the capacity to drill soft and collapsing holes and stee...

SPB - State Procurement Board
  • Harare CBD

SPB - State Procurement Board registration

Ideal Flair : WhatsApp Marketing
  • Harare North

*Administer and manage WhatsApp Database *Advertise, promote & market *WhatsApp bulk messaging *WhatsApp affiliate marketing & admin *Group administration & management *Conten...

Indoor signs
  • Harare CBD

This is signage designed and manufactured to be used indoor. Whether you're designing your office interior with a consistent visual solution, or you are adding up to existent signa...

Exterior and Interior Sinks
  • Harare East

EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR SINKS People with good sense of style in the choice of material for sinks are recommended to pay attention the material for the sinks. We now provide econo...

Soak-away Construction

With over Five(5) years in the construction of soak-aways we should be your first choice whenever you need them constructed or when you need maintenance. Feel free to call us and w...


For all your driveways,swas is the first priority we render our professional work so as to set good standards and to please our customers

Bats Control Services
  • Harare CBD

Contact us for an effective bats control service. Homeowners should contact a licensed pest professional if an active bat infestation is suspected, as the problem often can not be...

Partitioning finishes

Partitioning Finishes,Bavarian beach ,Venza Oak,Folkstone grey

Architectural services
  • Harare West

We offers a large variety of affordable Architectural and Building related services. We design new dwellings, additions to existing dwellings, Flats, Townhouses, Cluster developmen...

Express lane

Express lane: tyre repairs and vehicle accessories

Panel beating services

Unique Sparypaints offers high-tech panel beating services as well as body replacement services . Call us today for a free quote and advice

Pool Renovations

Get in touch with us for your pool renovations. We can refurbish your pool and give it a new look that you love.

Maintenance of broken drains

We do Maintenance Of Broken Drains. Call . We are specialist plumbers

Electric Stoves and Oven Repairs
  • Harare CBD

Electric Stoves and Oven Repairs

Apple Macbook Repair

Apple Macbook Pro and IPAD repair. Liquid spill damage, not turning on, bad logic board and other logic-board faults can be repaired. If you are a tech or repairshop we also a...

Ccna security 210 - 260
  • Harare CBD

CCNA SECURITY 210 - 260 With a CCNA Security certification, a network professional demonstrates the skills required to develop a security infrastructure, recognize thr...