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Honey sucking services available(Same Day Service)
  • Harare CBD

Septic Tank emptying, liquid/ oil waste sludge removals, honey suckers, Competitive rates. Fast same day service 24 hour service, 365 days a year We offer a service that is secon...

Harare Plumbing, Harare Septic Tank Emptying, Emptying of Blair Toilets
  • Harare CBD

Harare Plumbing, Harare Septic Tank Emptying ,Liquid, oil waste sludge, Blocked septic, Leakages, Emptying of Blair Toilets Free Quotation ,Competitive rates, fast and efficient...

  • Harare East

We do tank cleaning and repairs

Burst Pipes
  • Harare CBD

We can repair and install any type of burst of faulty pipes. Call us and we will send a team to your area within the hour!!(For Harare Residents)

Water proofing & guttering services

Roof leaks,Guttering & Water proofing Services specialists for torch on waterproofing, from basement to roof

Reserve tank installations

Reserve tank installations , installations of reserve tanks using booster pump method , gradient method , leakages , low pressure , pipe work , burst pipes , geysers , leaking taps...

Tank Stand
  • Harare CBD

There are various things to consider before installing a tank stand. One of the most important is the location of your geyser (including solar geyser), water cannot get to a higher...

Water Tank Installation, Cleaning and Repairs
  • Harare East

We do water tank Installation, cleaning & repairs. We also sale tank stands .

  • Harare CBD

blocked sewer.drain call us

Pipes replacement
  • Harare CBD

We replace your old pipes thus giving your house a brand new outlook.

Plumbing Services

Specialist in repairing faulty taps ,toilets ,bath tubs ,sinks and basins open 24/7.

Blockages and Sewers

Blocked drainages ,gullies , kitchen sinks, bath tubs, urinals , storm drains , blocked gutters , septic tank clearing and cleaning, domestic and industrial. Repairs and installati...

Tank, Filter, Borehole, Plumbing, Pump, Stand
  • Harare South

Is your Water Treated?? Does your Water contain Lime, Sediment, Rust or Silt?/ Does you Water have a Smell or Taste?? Are your Baths, Showers, Kettles & Washing Machines being left...

Septic Tank Construction
  • Harare CBD

We also construct septic tanks and also do the sighting for them as well. If you need the work professionally done give us a call and we'll come there to give you a hand.

Plumbing repairs

If have a burst pipe, geyser replacement, blockage or any problem with water please call Chris on

Solar Geyser Installations
  • Harare East

Solar Geysers, Mwenje Solar Panels are made from pure silicon, glass and aluminum. Our manufacturers avoid or minimize the use of toxic materials like calcium and arsenic, which ar...

Geysers gravity , pressure, solar

Repairs and installation of all types of geysers, leaking, over flowing and burst geysers We are open during this festive season holidays! 24 hour service 365 days a ye...

  • Harare CBD

For all your plumbing services blockege pipes ...

Soak-away Construction

With over Five(5) years in the construction of soak-aways we should be your first choice whenever you need them constructed or when you need maintenance. Feel free to call us and w...