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Borehole Sitting, Drilling & Submersible Pump, Tank Installation
  • Harare East

For all your #BOREHOLE Siting ,Pump & Tank Installations, Drilling & Casing, Capacity tests, Repairs, Flushing, Exploration Drilling ,iRRIGATIONs & SOLAR Pumps Installations...

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Borehole drilling
  • Harare North

Our boreholes are built to last. With our trailer mounted rig and 4 x 4 tractor we can drill inaccessible sites. We have the capacity to drill soft and collapsing holes and stee...

We do borehole drilling and casing services

We have got modern and efficient air rigs mounted on all terrain trucks, ready to deliver anywhere in Zimbabwe

electrical services
  • Harare CBD

for all new installations ,repairs and maintenance by qualified and experienced personnel

Electrical Wiring
  • Harare East

Electrical Wiring Installations of wires and cables when not properly done could lead to fatal accidents. Therefore all electrical projects that includes wiring and cabling requ...

Ice cream machine repair services
  • Harare East

We provide Ice cream machine repair services at very affordable and flexible prices

  • Harare East

We do water tank installation, repairs and clean ups

Borehole Flushing (clean out)
  • Harare East

Borehole Flushing (cleanout)

Bathroom Kitchens and Sinks
  • Harare East

BATHROOM AND KITCHEN SINKS All modern types of bathroom vanities made from engineered materials which is highly durable and quality material at economic prizes are just a call a...

Plumbing services
  • Harare CBD

for all your plumbing services. .new installation,repairs and maintanence call Greenfrost today

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Borehole drilling

For out of Harare drilling needs. $2400 for the first 40m plus transport at $2.50 per km, then $50 per meter thereafter. Cost includes top and bottom casing

Harare Plumbing
  • Harare CBD

Septic Tank Emptying ,Liquid, oil waste sludge Free Quotation ,Competitive rates, fast and efficient same day service. All Cities i.e Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare, Masvingo, Bi...

  • Harare East

CABLING Whether indoors or outdoors, proper wire and cable installation is of paramount importance.All cable installations from Metallic Sheathed Cables to Multi-Conductor Cables...

Inhouse Wiring
  • Harare East

INHOUSE WIRING We are aware that electrical installations of any kind should take highest level of diligence to avoid imminent electrical faults and short circuiting. For this r...

Blast hole drilling

Blast Hole drilling uses track driven rigs to drill blast holes, a hole which an explosive charge is to be placed, into the rock face or into benches in quarries and opencast mine...