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Reflex Paper Towels (Pack 6 Rolls)
  • Harare North

Our Reflex towels are also imported and are white in colour, They are perforated, and have a centre core.

Virgin 1 Ply and 2 Ply (Pack 48 rolls)
  • Harare North

Virgin 1 Ply and 2 Ply (Pack 48 rolls) Our Virgin toilet paper in a white non-recycled paper and a higher quality paper. The raw materials are imported from South Africa and conve...

Natural 1 ply (Pack 50 Rolls)
  • Harare North

Our basic type of toilet paper is made from recycled paper, and is the most affordable toilet paper in our range. It is packed in a packet containing 50 rolls

Hand Toilet/Tissues
  • Harare CBD

Hand Toilet/Tissues

Folded Towels (2000 sheets per Box)
  • Harare North

Our folded towels are imported from South Africa and are either white or natural in colour. There are 2000 sheets in one box.

Multiwipe Wall Rolls (pack 6 rolls)
  • Harare North

Our Multiwipe wall rolls are made from a recycled highly absorbent paper, GSM35. We have two multiwipe wall roll converting machines to cope with our orders. Our paper wadding for...


For sale are black disposable bags. These plastics are suitable for home use garbage disposal and functions cleaning up e.g weddings and parties. Size:- 750 x 950mm Color:- Bla...

Lunch Napkins
  • Harare West

Lunch Napkins for sale

Dustbin Liners
Dustbin Liners
  • Harare North

We can supply 3 different sizes of durable, heavy duty dustbin liners, Small, Medium and Large.