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Vana trust

Vana Trust is "contributing to the community" in both the UK and Africa. In Africa, Vana Trust sponsors the education and overall well-being of children affected by HIV/AIDS and po...

Solar Installations Full Home Installation (Our Panels carry a 25 year warranty)
  • Harare East

Solar Panels also called photo voltaic or P.V modules as they directly convert sunlight into electricity. They reduce the amount of electricity coming from fossil fuels by supp...

Harare childrens' home

The Harare Children's Home aims to provide a place of safety for its children, looking after their needs and helping them grow into independent adults. It strives to receive and...

Manpower Allocation
  • Harare West

The objective of the manpower/workforce allocation is to support the assignment and allocation of organization workforce, based on the demand of different locations, the workforce...

Part loads & groupage consignments
  • Harare South

Biddulphs International offers a variety of part load and groupage consignments for individuals and companies alike to and from Zimbabwe to Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambiq...

FedEX agent
  • Harare East

We work with FedEx courier company service for the safety of your delivery,. So if you have anything that you would like to send locally ,regionally or Internationally visit us at...

Residential Solar Geyser Installations
  • Harare East

Residential Solar Geyser Installations. Minimum starting from $350. Please call us for more details. Quotations are tailor made to customer's requirements.

(APPLE) iPhone Repairs Service
  • Harare East

HARDWARE & SOFTWARE If your iphone is damaged, broken or Software issues. WE FIX IT visit or contact us on +

Edward ndlovu memorial trust

Edward Ndlovu Memorial Trust has been engaged in the provision of library and information services in Gwanda municipality and Gwanda district for fifteen years. From a part-time s...

Mukuvisi woodlands

The Mukuvisi Woodland - a touch of the wild in the heart of Harare! Going along Glenara Avenue, on your left-hand side on the way to the airport you may see giraffe, wildebees...

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Gas tank refilling
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

We refill your gas tank Come to Grey's Gas On the Go

Mosquito control -
  • Harare CBD

Mosquitoes: Females typically seek a blood meal to aid in egg production. She often lays the eggs in standing pools of water, but man-made sources can include bird baths, bucket...

  • Harare CBD



Childline Zimbabwe was started by a local branch of an international service organisation, the Soroptimists, who wished to give children, across the country a free, confidential an...


Unfortunately the Harare SPCA is on the verge of total collapse if it does not receive urgent funding! The SPCA is a society of individuals who are passionate about the welfare...

Zomba herbal combo for men
  • Harare CBD

Joystick Zomba herbal combo for men.(Be a champion)

Logistics and warehousing
  • Harare South

The Logistics department of Servcor comprises of four separate divisions: Purchasing, Warehouse, Butchery and Distribution. The Purchasing department is responsible for the sour...

Queuing Solutions
  • Harare West

Effective management of customer queues is increasingly important in today's ultra competitive environment. Not only is a fast and fair queuing system a key element to driving cust...

Epilepsy support foundation

Epilepsy Support Foundation Epilepsy affects approximately 1% of the population and is a disorder which is very misunderstood. People become wary of the sufferer and perhaps even...