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Safety helmet
  • Harare South

Safety helmet

Mirage Mower GP3 2600W
  • Harare CBD

• Very strong steel chassis • Nylon bushed height adjustment system with 8 settings • Wheels with double bearings and wheel protection plate • Round cutting disc with 3 swing bl...

Accommodation wherever you need it!

Car Guard are manufacturing portable modular buildings. The attached picture is a 3 bedroom house which costs $3700. Our one bedroom house with one door and one window costs$125...

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Pallet jacks
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

HAND PALLET TRUCKS The Hand Pallet Truck is the most cost effective method of moving loads up to 2500kgs around your place of work. • Safe and easy t...

Crawler drill ingersol rand


Alcoscan AL7000 Premium
  • Harare CBD

Alcoscan AL7000 is a Premium hand held, portable digital alcohol tester. This unit is suitable for personal use, in small workplaces and on the move for limited daily to weekly alc...

Alcoscan Voluntary Entrance Breathalyser System
  • Harare CBD

Alcoscan EBS ver 1.5 houses an Ethanol specific Electro-Chemical Fuel Cell Sensor. It is an industrial entrance breathalyser used to check breath alcohol concentration at Turnstile...

Alcoscan ALP-1 for Industry and Law-Enforcement
  • Harare CBD

Alcoscan ALP-1 is a fully portable IP54 rated water resistant Fuel Cell Sensor breathalyser for Law-Enforcement and Industry alcohol testing. ALP-1 meets the EN Standard - EN 15...

Clear span tent for sale
  • Harare CBD

Clear Span Tent for Sale in mint condition. Ideal for any type of event / function. The dimensions are 15 x 12m with 2 x 4m Aluminium Double doors as well as 4 x 1m Aluminiu...

Alexandra park
  • Harare North

We can build your offices according to your specifications and this can go up within a day.. Our structures are made of chromadeck sheeting and come in a variety of colours....

Alcoscan Entrance Breathalyser System EBS010 - INSTALLED
  • Harare CBD

Alcoscan EBS010 Industrial Breathalyser is fitted with a full-size 1-inch Electro-Chemical Fuel Cell Sensor. EBS010 is a high speed industrial breathalyser used to check breath alc...

STIHL Chain Saw Petrol - MS780
  • Harare CBD

SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc) 121.6cm3 Power Output (kW) 5.6 (7.5 bhp) Weight (without bar and chain) 9.8 kg Power to Weight Ratio 1.8 kg/kW Max Engine RPM 8 000 Bar Lengt...

Arrive Alive Alcoscan AL2500-Elite Personal Breathalyser
  • Harare CBD

Our In Support of Arrive Alive Alcoscan AL2500-Elite is a very easy to use, reliable and reusable hand held personal breathalyser. It uses microcomputer control with a 3 digit LCD...

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Flushing fluid
  • Harare East

Flushing fluid (1 litre) for periodic maintanance on wide format printers. Original NuTec flushing fluid in 1 litre bottles

BreathScan 0.02% BAC Disposable Breathalysers
  • Harare CBD

BreathScan disposable breathalysers allow you to easily check breath alcohol concentration and determine if you or the person who is driving you is safe to drive. Currently Ava...

Alcoscan AL9000 including Printer
  • Harare CBD

Alcoscan AL9000 including Mobile Printer is a high quality hand held, portable Fuel Cell Sensor alcohol tester used to check breath alcohol concentration with Law-Enforcement accur...

STIHL Brush Cutter Petrol - FS280
  • Harare CBD

This brush cutter is suitable for all kinds of tough work and is perfect to cut lawn, low grown grass, weeds, dense turf and small trees. SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc) 38.9c...

STIHL Brush Cutter Petrol - FS460C-EM
  • Harare CBD

For working in challenging areas of tough grass. STIHL 4-point anti-vibration system, STIHL ErgoStart, multi-function handle, bike handle, tool-free handle adjustment, 2-MIX engine...

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Electronic cigarettes

EverSmoke - rechargeable and Nutrigigs - fortified disposable. Leading brands from America. No ash, no Tar, no foul smell and none of the other harmful chemicals found in tobacco ....

Borrowdale brooke
  • Harare North

Our Z-imba structures are made from chromadec sheeting and can be built according to your specifications as long as the structure is divisible by 2.8m. The uses for a z-imba are e...