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BreathScan 0.02% BAC Disposable Breathalysers
  • Harare CBD

BreathScan disposable breathalysers allow you to easily check breath alcohol concentration and determine if you or the person who is driving you is safe to drive. Currently Ava...

Alcoscan Interlock Breathalyser ALX1000
  • Harare CBD

Alcoscan ALX1000 is an Electrochemical Fuel Cell sensor based interlock breathalyser supplied with an ignition interlock for connecting to the ignition of a motor vehicle, bus or t...

STIHL Chain Saw Petrol - MS361
  • Harare CBD

SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc) 59.0cm3 Power Output (kW) 3.4 (4.6 bhp) Weight (without bar and chain) 5.6 kg Power to Weight Ratio 1.6 kg/kW Max Engine RPM 12 500 Bar Lengt...

Digital safe
  • Harare CBD

Electronic Safe Box fits anywhere; interior secure storage space is just the right size for storing all your valuables Easily program your own personal code on the E...

Alcoscan ALC-1
  • Harare CBD

Alcoscan ALC-1 is a high-end Personal, Workplace or Law-Enforcement alcohol tester with a fast reacting Fuel Cell Alcohol Sensor used to check breath alcohol concentration quickly...

Handcuffs security guard police
  • Harare North

Standard security handcuffs used in security

Sprinkaan 850 i/c Lawn Mower
  • Harare CBD

Engine 190cc Briggs & Stratton 850i/c Fuel Type Petrol Cutting Width 500 mm Blades 2 x Industrial Quality Height Setting 10 mm to 120 mm (6 x Positions) Turning Radius Zero W...

  • Harare CBD

DESCRIPTION : This product has both ultraviolet detecting and Magnetism detecting. UV detecting: Press UV button, the fluorescent patterns can be seen on the banknote. Magneti...

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Pallet jacks
  • Bulawayo CBD, Industrial

HAND PALLET TRUCKS The Hand Pallet Truck is the most cost effective method of moving loads up to 2500kgs around your place of work. • Safe and easy t...

Alcoscan ALP-1 incl Printer for Industry and Law-Enforcement
  • Harare CBD

Alcoscan ALP-1 is a fully portable IP54 rated water resistant Fuel Cell Sensor Industry and Law-Enforcement breathalyser. ALP-1 meets the EN Standard - EN 15964:2011 for Breath...

Alcoscan AL6000 Professional
  • Harare CBD

AlcoScan AL6000 Professional is a high quality hand held, portable alcohol tester. AL6000 Professional uses a specialised flow-rate controller which allows for two modes of testing...

Mouthpieces for Alcoscan (OEM) AL9000 with Printer
  • Harare CBD

Sterilised individually sealed mouthpieces for the Alcoscan AL9000 with Printer Supplied in packs of 100.

STIHL Chain Saw Petrol - MS780
  • Harare CBD

SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc) 121.6cm3 Power Output (kW) 5.6 (7.5 bhp) Weight (without bar and chain) 9.8 kg Power to Weight Ratio 1.8 kg/kW Max Engine RPM 8 000 Bar Lengt...

STIHL Brush Cutter Petrol - FS85
  • Harare CBD

The tough FS85 brush cutter has a rigid drive shaft suitable for extended use or when metal blades are in frequent use. The Elasto-Start grip and additional fuel pump make for easi...

RV125 Chipper
  • Harare CBD

Engine Type 4-Stroke Briggs & Stratton OHV - 35HP Output 2.5 tonnes / hour Max Branch Thickness 200 mm Final Chip Size 10 mm Tray Opening 910 mm x 420 mm Blade 2 double sided...

Borrowdale brooke
  • Harare North

Our Z-imba structures are made from chromadec sheeting and can be built according to your specifications as long as the structure is divisible by 2.8m. The uses for a z-imba are e...

Breathalyser Alcoscan Calibration and Sensor replacement
  • Harare CBD

Calibration and Sensor Replacement for: AL6000 and AL7000 models. Calibration ONLY for: AL8000, AL9000, ALC-1, ALP-1, AL3100, AL1100F, EBS010 sensors Calibration Costs...

STIHL Chain Saw Electric - MSE170CBQ
  • Harare CBD

SPECIFICATIONS Power Output (kW) 1.7 kW Weight (without bar and chain) 3.4 kg Power to Weight Ratio 2.0 kg/kW Bar Length 12” – 14” Chain Oil Capacity 0.20L **supplied with...