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REIKI Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “universal force of life”. The expression is made up of two components, Rei and Ki. Ki is primordial strength that is expressed in the for...

  • Vumba

MEDITATION Happiness, compassion, wisdom and clarity are inherent qualities within all human beings. The true nature of the mind is gentle, peaceful and clear. This seems diff...

  • Vumba

REFLEXOLOGY The body has the ability to heal itself. Following illness, stress, injury and disease it is in a state of “inbalance” and vital energy pathways are blocked, preven...

  • Harare CBD

We offer reflexology for both the hands and feet to stimulate the body's own healing powers.


YOGA The word Yoga is derived from the Sankrit language and means to unit or to harmonise. Yoga means working towards a level where the activities of the mind and body functi...

Healthcare Waste Management Services
  • Harare West

We specialize in health care waste management in health institutions. Poor management of health care waste potentially exposes health care workers, waste handlers, patients and the...