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Potato Planter - Tractor Implement

Potato Planter is used for planting of potato crop. Chain system cups are used. The machine is mounted on a three point linkage of a tractor. There is increased production because...


Chisel Plough is used for deep tillage in order to prepare land with minimal soil disorder. The purpose that is served by it is to loosen and aerate the soil while leaving behind t...

Bain 5 dish plough reversible
  • Karoi

Bain 5 dish plough reversible

Dust mask
  • Harare CBD

Disposable dust mask phone email FREE DELIVERY

Rear Blade for Sale - Farm Implements

Rear Blade is one of the most useful implements that you can attach to a compact tractor. Of the numerous types of blades available, a rear blade is probably the most resourceful....

per tonne
bulky wheat
  • Mutare

Jib crane - Implement for Sale

The Jib crane is a tractor implement that easily does jobs that require heavy effort if done manually. The loading and unloading of drums containing fuel, seeds, fertilizer bags, m...

Woden bee hives, duck and turkey house
  • Harare North

Our wooden beehives are custom made, manufactured from solid wood sourced locally. The family of a queen bee and the other worker bees reside in these wooden bee hives. We offer w...

Post Hole Digger - Tractor Implement

Post Hole digger is a PTO driven machine that digs holes in rows on equal distances mechanically and economically. It is best suited for tree plantation. It can also be used for ma...

2D DISC PLOUGH for Sale - Farm Implements

Disc Plough is used and designed for deep plowing in almost all types of soil. It is of high value as it can dig and plough through muggy, gravelly, stony and tough soils with ease...

Rotary Tillers - Tractor Implement

Rotary tiller is a tractor PTO driven machine. It is designed for pudding the soil before rice plantation, chopping and assimilation of green manure, crop residue and stubbles into...

Border Disc - Tractor Implement

Border Disc is an implement that is used to make field boundaries, irrigation ridges and levies for keeping erosion in check. It is also utilized for earthing-up crops planted in r...

Front Blade - Implement for Sale

Front blade is attached to compact tractors but they are much less common than rear blades. They can handle many different tasks ranging from transporting material, sorting a path...

Potato Digger - Tractor Implement

Potato digger is made to work on one row of potatoes or other root crop and returns the potatoes on the dug soil after shaking the soil through the chain. The pitch of chain is dec...

Ridger - Implement

Farm Ridger is used to make ridges for the plantation of tobacco, potato and other vegetables. It is adjustable so that correct ridge profile and soil flow is retained. Crops sown...

Clas Hay Bailer
  • Banket

Claas Hay Bailer Markant 55 for sale

Bee hive longsthrot design brood box and super
  • Harare North

Bee hive longsthrot design brood box and super

Massey Ferguson combine harvester 25
  • Karoi

Massey Ferguson combine harvester 25