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Hand ball splint
  • Harare East

For rehabilitation or regaining hand functionality in persons suffering traumatic brain injuries, spasms, strokes etc

Pulse oximeter
  • Harare East

This product is suitable for family, hospital, oxygen bar, community medical and sports health (can be used before and after exercise is not recommended for use during exercise) an...

25 person industry first aid kit
  • Harare East

25 PERSON INDUSTRY FIRST AID KIT This 106-piece first aid kit is ideal for contractors, fleet vehicles, worksites or small companies with up to 25 employees. It meets federal OSH...

Head immobiliser
  • Harare East

HEAD IMMOBILER straps. Base plate fits all aluminum and plastic backboards. Large ear holes for monitoring the patient. Minimal interference with X-ray, MRI, or CT procedures. W...

Abdorminal Swabs
  • Harare East

45cm x 45cm Non washed, Xray detectable

Universal shoulder immobilizer - ordinary
  • Harare East

It helps to immobilize and support dislocated shoulder. Available

Ash hyperextension brace
  • Harare East

It perfectly stabilizes the vertical column in a hyper - lordotic position Commonly used to treat spinal compression fractures and help your back recover after spine surgery. Hy...

External drainage system
  • Harare East

Available is External Drainage System - Lumber Catheter type

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178L Solar DC Chest Fridge
  • Harare East

40W 12V 178L DC Fridge, all you will need is a battery, panel and regulator to have it running. The full set including batteries, regulator and controller costs $2071.00

Classroom boards
  • Harare East

We manufacture custom classroom boards

Philadelphia neck collar
  • Harare East

It is recommended for cervical spondylolysis. It ensures rigid immobilization and total neck comfort. Sizes: small, Medium, Large, X- large , Available

  • Harare East

Vegetable humic and fulvic acid. Total Humic Extract (150gr/kg). Please call Greencon to find out more.

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Fetal Doppler - Pocket
  • Harare East

Also suitable for personal use. Monitor fetal heart rate during pregnancy.

Instant cold compress
  • Harare East

INSTANT COLD COMPRESS Our 4" x 5" Instant Cold Compress temporarily relieves minor pain and swelling for Sprost Injuries such as sprains, aches and sore joints. It is conveniently...

Root Fertiliser
  • Harare East

Greencon sells organic root growth enhancer . Elfer bioroot is especially made to stimulate growth of the root system to improve plant nutrient absorption capacity. It gives the pl...

Coaches first responder kit, 390 piece, softsided
  • Harare East

Coaches First Responder Kit, 390 Piece, Softsided Bag This large Coaches First Responder Sports first aid kit with separate compartments was developed specifically for sports acti...