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Auditing services
  • Harare CBD

We do both internal and external audits -we evaluate internal controls and risk management processes -we design internal control systems eg. accounting systems, procurement syste...

Loan Topup
  • Harare CBD

Have you ever wondered how a GetBucks TopUp loan works? Thabiso, our online agent explains it here: “To qualify for a TopUp, your loan balance plays a critical role. If you hav...

Poultry Project Loans
  • Harare CBD

Poultry Stock feeds chicks etc

Bridging Finance / Consumer Loans
  • Harare CBD

We offer loans to private sector and government employees. Quick loan processing and flexible terms.

Financial statements preparation
  • Harare CBD

We offer financial statements preparations for Zimra, management accounts, and published accounts

Stock taking and reconciliations
  • Harare CBD

We do stock control basing on physical counting of goods so as to detect fraud and theft

Can’t afford another loan, Loans Restructuring
  • Harare CBD

Christiaan Horn, our Online Credit Supervisor explains: “If you can’t afford another loan at the moment, we will replace multiple loans with a single loan, often with lower mont...

Salary-backed short-term consumer loans
  • Harare CBD

GetBucks Financial Services Zimbabwe Limited provides salary-backed short-term consumer loans and operates from fifteen (15) branches located throughout Zimbabwe. The company is 55...

Optimization Solutions
  • Harare West

This optimisation solution involves categorizing the investment universe based on risk and return, and then choosing the mix of investments that achieve a desired risk versus retur...

Top Online Loans with live support online
  • Harare CBD

Here is this week's Top Tip from our GetBucks Online Champion, Tau Banda: "Have a question? Use our live support function, where our friendly and informed staff are waiting to h...