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  • Harare CBD

WHOLESALE PRICES For all types of wire mesh,screens,razor blades, barbed wire etc. John

Insulator jumbo strainer

Used at the beginning and end of electric fence wires

Diamond mesh wire 30 meters

Diamond mesh wire for fencing. 75 x 75 x 1.5m x 2mm diamond, 30m in a roll

Wire 2mm high strain 50kg rolfarm security fencing

Used to construct fences 50kg is estimated 1500 meters

Barrier wxpress net (orange) fencing 1m x 50m roll

BARRIER wxpress net (orange) FENCING 1X 50M ROLL Security

Clip on insulator electric fence

Used to support electric fence wires on y standards

Stafix electric fence energiser security

STAFIX S18i MAINS OR BATTERY OPERATED ( large farm fences 180kms ) ENER0020 The Stafix X18i is the most powerful Unigizer in the range, making it suitable for powering up to 200...

Bonox velt farm fence 1.9m high per 100m roll

Fied fencing suitable for farms, game, big 5 , general ferncing

Razor mesh sheet 6m x 1.8m roll


Polly wire orange 12mm 200m roll

Polly wire is used for livestock strip grazing and is easily re usable

Strip grazing electric fence

Strip grazing is MOBILE or TEMPORY electric fencing used to confine livestock to a particular area for the day or a few days at a time. the strip grazer AN90 will work for abot th...

Diamond mesh 75 x 75 x 1.8x 2.5mm per 30m r

DIAMOND MESH 75 x 75 x 1.8 x 2.5mm PER 30M ROLL Security