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T41 Microfan Thermostat
  • Harare North

The MICROFAN® T41 is a mechanical thermostat suitable to switch off or on heating installations or ventilation systems. The switch contact is carried out as a non load, single pole...

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Livestock Loading Ramp w/Towable Tyres
  • Harare North

This loading ramp is excellent for cattle, but can be used for other livestock as well. See it for yourself at 139 Domboshava Rd in Harare! DETAILS: -Can be towed at tractor sp...

Icefeed Calf Rapid Grower
  • Harare North

Icefeed’s Calf Rapid Grower Meal is formulated to continue the second stage growth and formation of your calves (from Calf Quick Start Meal). With this meal your calves will conti...

Icefeed Mukono Bull Ration
  • Harare North

This 16% formula has been proven on Zimbabwean bulls. Feed 1% of the bull's body weight each morning to ensure your bull stays healthy and active, able to produce more calves for y...

Strip grazing electric fence

Strip grazing is MOBILE or TEMPORY electric fencing used to confine livestock to a particular area for the day or a few days at a time. the strip grazer AN90 will work for abot th...

Hammer mill

Hammer mills all sizes lowest prices in town chippo buffalo gravity etc

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Bag closer machine
  • Harare CBD

Application and performance The portable bag closing machine model gk9 is able to produce a single thread chainstitch with elasticity and convenience for tearing off, which is suit...

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0-8 Branding Iron Number Set
  • Harare North

These are quality irons that can be used to brand livestock. Numbers are 0-8 (but 6 can be used as 9). Can be used in fire or with our branding oven. Come by 139 Domboshava Rd in H...

Standard cattle scale
  • Harare South

Standard Cattle Scale

Bain master – potato digger
  • Harare South

BAIN MASTER – Potato Digger

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Rumen magnet by red dane farming
  • Harare North

Kruuse Rumen Magnets: keeping your cows safe by trapping ingested metal inside the rumen. For all cattle, dairy or beef. Cattle will inevitably eat bits of metal--from livestock...

Bain hayrakes – 3 – 6 star
  • Harare South

Bain Hayrakes – 3 – 6 Star

KSB Water Pump with 50mm Reducer- Sale By Auction
  • Harare East

KSB Water Pump with 50mm Reducer, For Sale By Auction on 30th September 2016 at 188b Mutare Road Near TM Pick n Pay Round about - Wheeler Dealers Premises / BG Auctions.

Bain ploughs 2-4 discs
  • Harare South

Bain Ploughs 2-4 Discs

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Tal-Tec Calf Squeeze
  • Harare North

This is a handy device that helps with calf treatment and handling. The calf is immobilized safely and humanely for injections, ear tagging and dehorning. This unit is suitable for...

Incubator 520 upto 4000 chicken eggs capacity
  • Harare South

AUTOMATIC CHICKEN INCUBATOR Electricity powered Locally made and spares and repairs readily available Low power consumption Great hatching rates Terms and conditions avail...

Massey Ferguson MF-220 Tractor

Used MF-220 Tractor Color Red for sale, Extras: 30hp, 1328 Hours Harare, Zimbabwe

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Milk Bar 3 Calf Feeder w/Compartments
  • Harare North

Feed three calves at once! Milk Bar helps farmers raise excellent calves with the specially-designed teat ensuring calf health.