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champaign flute
  • Harare South

Champaign flute

cutlery & dinner plates

cutlery ($0.12/piece), dinner plates white or black ($0.18each), mini dessert bowls ($0.12 each), std dessert bowls ($0.18), dual salt & pepper shakers $1/3, teacup & saucer $0.5,...

Gold acrylic plates
  • Harare West

Gold acrylic plates

Cockery Cutlery Glassware and linen hire for any event
  • Harare North

Cockery Cutlery Glassware and linen hire for any event For corporate events, Parties, funerals

Catering Services Zimbabwe
  • Harare CBD

We do catering for all your functions and events. We provide catering services for weddings, parties, funerals, memorial services, corporate events, bridal showers, etcWe do tradit...

Pink Plaza Catering
Pink Plaza Catering
  • Harare High Density

For all you functions,workshops,weddings,buffers,parties,Networking gathering and picnics and decorations. Offer: Equipment Catering Decorating * no fix and supply at the m...

chaffing dishes
chaffing dishes

chaffing dishes with serving spoons only $5.50, and many more catering items plates, glasses,cutlery. get a cumulative discount for every order with us, 1st hiring 5%,2nd 10%, 3rd...

cutlery and crockery
cutlery and crockery

cutlery on special $0.12a piece. dinner plates 0.18each, water glass 0.2 each. order now also avail are table fabric $2.00 , chaffing dishes $5.00 and other wedding items

Hire for your special event
Hire for your special event

Now taking bookings for the year 2017. Hire for your special event: Tables: $ 4 each Chairs: $ 1 for two Lovely patterned table cloths: $ 3.00 each Various colored table...