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Waste removal

Call swas for waste removall NB we also do plumbing,tanks,driveways,building etc CALL US!

Bed bugs control service -

Pest Portal offers effective and long lasting bed bug control services that will leave your loved ones safe. We have a professional and well-trained bed bug control services team...

Fly control services -

Pest Portal Zimbabwe offers long lasting and guaranteed fly control services. Contact us on Flies as insects pose dangers to your health and reputation. Clust...

Pest extermination services -

We offer guaranteed pest extermination services. All our services have long term guarantee. We have a lot of references and we also do customized services. Call us...

Guaranteed pest control services -

When you think of pest control, think of Ultimate Pest Control Services (Pvt) Ltd; We guarantee our services. Our services list includes cockroaches, termites, bees, rats, spid...

Commercial pest control services –

Pests can result in your business having a bad reputation and therefore, low customer visits. As Pest Portal Zimbabwe, we want to help you protect your image, through timely and ef...

Fumigation & Pest Control Services
  • Harare CBD

Ultimate Pest Control Services (Pvt) Ltd offers guaranteed fumigation and pest control services for cockroaches, rats, ants, termites, bee removal, spiders, bedbugs, weevils, beetl...

Grain & tobacco fumigation services -

In order to kill grain pests at all stages of their life cycle (egg, larva, pupa, adult) in grain, the only option is to fumigate in a gas-tight storage. Pest Portal Zimbabwe has t...

per metre
Blinds cleaning
  • Harare CBD

For all .blinds reaparing and suupply ,call $4.00 per mts for supply ..

Profesional and flexible fumigation services
  • Harare CBD

We understand your needs and have decided to go an extra mile. We are now operating, only on appointments, on Sunday, to accomodate those who are free or available at home on Sunda...

Biddulphs furniture removals specialist

Any type of furniture requires professional packing with the best materials available. At Biddulphs International, we wrap each item of furniture individually in plain white paper...

Bed bug control -

Bed bugs are flat, reddish-brown, oval insects up to 4 to 5mm long or the size of an apple seed. Swollen and reddish after a blood meal. Bed bugs only feed on blood. Unde...

Cockroach control services -

Pest Portal Zimbabwe has an experienced and committed cockroach control services team that knows cockroach behaviour and control methods. We have various cockroach control soluti...

Integrated pest management -
  • Harare CBD

Ultimate Pest Control Services (Pvt) Ltd provides provides pest control services that involves less use of toxic chemical substances i.e Integrated Pest Management. This pest contr...

Crickets control service -

Although the chirping of a cricket is music to the ears of some, to others it’s just a nuisance. Call us today on While none of the cricket varieties bite or...

Best Cleaning Services
  • Harare CBD

Specialists in *Carpets Deep Cleaning *Tile /Floor Polishing *Windows and Blinds Cleaning *Upholestery Cleaning Call

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Partime Cleaners

Partime cleaners that come once a week. Vetted, trained and police cleared maids. Come with a checklist and we do follow-ups. Get in touch for this del.

Integrated Pest Management
  • Harare CBD

Ultimate Pest Control Services offers you eco-friendly pest control services to eradicate cockroaches ants, rats, weevils, silverfish etc. We use organic pesticides and offer lo...

Pest control & cleaning services.

Pest control & cleaning services. Advanced Cleaning Service Contract Cleaning & Fumigation Solutions

Carpet Cleaning

All commercial and Domestic Cleaning Carpet Cleaning