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Tank cleaning
  • Harare North

+++++++++Tank Cleaning++++++++++ +++++++++ALL Sizes++++++++++++++

Water tank supply and fitting
  • Used
  • Harare North

5 000l storage tank with tank stand complete installation

Site survey
  • Harare North

Lets us determine where the borehole will be drilled

Bulk water deliveries
  • Harare North

From as little as 2500 litres

Maintanance and repairs
  • Harare North

1.Burst pipe repair 2.Rusty pipe replacement 3.Borehole Flushing 4.Pump and Tank repairs

5000 litre water tank
  • Harare North


Pump installation
  • Harare North

In HARARE 1.Complete Submersible pump 2.Down the hole rope, pipe and electric cable 3.Top plate with all the necessary fittings 4.Starter box and switch...

Borehole drilling in Harare
  • Harare North

Borehole Drilling, 40 Metres and Casing in HARARE. $60 per Metre after 40 Metres

2500 litre water tank
  • Harare North


Capacity test
  • Harare North

1. Let us determine the yield of your Borehole. 2. Then we determine the size of the Pump to be installed. 3. We will also establish the Recover Rate of the Borehole ie. The see...

Borehole flushing
  • Harare North

Are you receiving dirty borehole water??????? Get your borehole FLUSHED OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Complete Submersible Pumps
  • New
  • Harare North

1. Complete 1/2 HP Pump 2. Complete 3/4 HP Pump 3. Complete 1 HP Pump 4. Complete 1.5 HP Pump

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