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Intercooler Repairs
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Rmp repairs your intercooler.

Car Oil Cooler(Copper) Repair
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Rmp does your Car Oil Cooler(Copper) Repair.

Free Radiator Tests
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Come in to our service center and receive a free radiator test, this is important to ensure the smooth running of your motor vehicle.

Radiator Repair/Fabrication.
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We will repair or fabricate/construct any radiator to the specific needs that you have so do not hesitate to come in if you have any questions or extra ordinary needs.

Repair of Radiators and Service of Industrial Equipment Cooling Systems.
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Rmp Radiators services all your radiators and cooling needs.

Mining Machinery/Equipment Radiator Repairs and Cooling Systems.
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We repair all your mining equipment, radiators and cooling systems. Rmp Radiators are ready to service all your needs.

Car Oil Cooler(Aluminium) Repair.
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Rmp does all your Car Oil Cooler(Aluminium) Repairs.

Commercial Truck Radiator Repairs
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We repair radiators for trucks. When your truck is overheating it is bad for business, Pay us a visit at Rmp Radiators and get the service your truck requires from our professiona...

Radiator Repairs For Cars
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When your radiator stops working your car will overheat causing you many problems. We here at Rmp offer a professional service with working hours ranging from 7am to 5pm. Monday t...

Fuel tank repairs
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Rmp repair all your fuel tanks for all vehicles.

Radiator/Cooling Systems Repair for Construction Equipment.
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We repair radiators/cooling systems for all your construction equipment our service guarantee speaks for itself.

Construction Equipment/Machinery Cooling Systems Services.
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We can repair your Construction Equipment/Machinery radiator and cooling systems at affordable rates.

Expansion Tank Fabrication(Cars)
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Rodents and overheating can cause your expansion tank to shrink or start leaking, we at Rmp cater to your specific needs no job is large for us

Expansion Tank Supply(New)
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We supply Brand New Expansion Tanks that will fit your specific needs

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