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Cot bed. dressing table fabrication
  • Harare West

We fabricate Cot Beds and Dressing Table... Our prices are quite affordable, for instance the cot on the image costs around $450 in town but we fabricate it and the cost gets to $3...

Rigging/ riggers and erection of heavy objects
  • Harare West

We have experience in rigging and erecting heavy objects. Our aim to erect the object with an emphasis on safety for both the equipment as well as the humans onsite

Aquirium / fish tank fabrication
  • Harare West

We fabricate fish tanks for the bedroom, lounge, bar, reception area. We can either use fresh water or salt water to create a real sea scenario for the fish. We also fit the pumps,...

Shipping container/ containers refridgeration
  • Harare West

We refridgerate Shipping Containers, this process will make it possible to refridgerate products in container. We insulate the Container and then install the refridgeration unit w...

Aluminium Steel Sectional Doors Fabricated and Erected
  • Harare West

We fabricate and install sectional garage doors to customer specifications

Instalation Fitting of jacuzi jaccuzzi jacuzzi jaccuzi
  • Harare West

We install jacuzzi. We do the both the plumbwork and the electrics as well as tiling if needs be

Fibreglass/ Translucent Sheets fabricated
  • Harare West

We fabricated Fibreglass/ Translucent sheets of all colours and designs according to customer specifications.

Durawall Panel fabrication
  • Harare West

We fabricate all types of durawall panels to make customer specifications

Swimming Pool, Fish Pond and Water feature Construction
  • Harare West

We construct swimming pools, fish ponds, water features to customer specifications

Mould/ Jig Fabrication
  • Harare West

We fabricate jigs to make anything. All we need is the sample of the thing you need the mould/jig to make then we will make the mould/jig so you can make these on your own. WE use...

Shipping Container Cladding
  • Harare West

We offer Cladding Services for Shipping Container. If you dont want people to see that the structure is a shipping container, cladding will work for you

Fibreglass manufacturing /fabrication
  • Harare West

We fabricate fibreglass products. The range is , but not limited to: 1. Water features using fibreglass 2. We insulate buildings, containers using fibreglass 3. We fabricate/...

Borehole Drilling offered in Gweru and Kwekwe now available
  • Harare West

Borehole drilling in Kwekwe, Gweru- No mileage charged for these two towns. We also do surrounding towns at affordable rates

All weather 4 in 1 four in one sports courts construction
  • Harare West

We construct all weather 4 in1 courts. This court can be used for basketball, tennis, volleyball and netball. the respective nets are detachable so the court fits specific context...

Floating Shelves Supply and Instalation
  • Harare West

We supply and fit floating shelves in different colors and sizes to suit customer requirements

Building Insulation- Alu sheeting and other insulation methods offered
  • Harare West

We insulate buildings so that they do not become too hot or too cold. We use a number of methods including alu sheet

Basketball and Tenniscourt/ basket ball. tennis Court and swimming pool construction, Maintenance Services Offered
  • Harare West

We construct, maintain, repair and refurbish tennis courts, basketball courts (both indoor and outdoor)and swimming pools , . We have options for floodlights, scoreboards both manu...

Fabrication and Instalation of Wooden Garage Doors
  • Harare West

We fabricate and instal wooden garage doors to customer specifications

Solar Geyser Insulation
  • Harare West

Is your solar geyser losing heat at night so that when you wake up in the morning the water is cold. yet you have not used it overnight. We can insulate the geyser so as to retain...

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