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Single kennel heaped
  • Harare West

A medium kennel made from saligna ,roof with plastic inside,a dog blanket ranging from 40usd t0 80usd depending on size and design

Wooden office
  • Harare West

Painted wooden Office,internal boards,ceiling.electrical connections,verandah,window framed,door framed,flash door,locker,flooring ,roof,delivery and installation

Treated arrow picket fence
  • Harare West

60cm height Treated arrow picket fence to divide driveways and gardens

Chicken runs
  • Harare West

4,8m x 2,4m chicken run,treated,lockable door,roof,rough floor,delivery and installation

Wood weave
  • Harare West

Wooden wall for partitioning yards at 20usd/m by 1,8mheight,concrete,poles,delivery and installation

Table and bench
  • Harare West

Saligna redwood wooden benches with vanished /painted finish with bolted joints resistant to outdoor conditions

Dog cage
  • Harare West

A lockable steel cage with roof and a kennel inside for locking in vicious dogs and keep them in their yard

Chicken run
  • Harare West

Chicken run with snake proof fence, roofed 3,5m x 2.4m ,lockable door,fix and supply,two floors,carrying capacity of 300birds

Raised wooden office
  • Harare West

Raised Wooden Office 3m x 3m,lockable storeroom underneath,internal boards inside,balcony with pickets,window framed,glasses,door framed,flash door locker,fix and supply.We art you...

Jungle jim
  • Harare West

We design full sets of kids play area with swings,sand pit,learning board,monkey craw,balcony,delivery and installation

Single and Double Banky Beds
  • Harare West

Single and Double Saligna Banky Beds ,vanished or painted screwed and bolted joints ranging from 100usd to 200usd

Trelliss gate
  • Harare West

Wood trelliss gate for climbing flowers and decorative purposes

10 x 3 wood cabin
  • Harare West

10 x 3 Wood Cabin ,treated,slab and flooring,door framed,flash door,window frames,panes,roof on a fix and supply bases

Raised 15x3m chicken run
  • Harare West

Serious about chickens a chicken run that can accommodate 2000 birds,[10m x 3m],with zinc roof ,two lockable door,snake proof fence,wooden floor/slab,treated, 5year guarantee ,we m...

Woode offices or house
  • Harare West

[6m x 3m] Wooden house ,window framed, paned,door framed,flash door,handle,roofed,floored,1,5m veranda extension,delivery,installation with interior boards for smart in look ,suita...

Single wooden toilet
  • Harare West

Comes in different sizes from 1,2m x 1,2m to 2m x 2m with iron sheets roof,floor,delivery,setting up,treated.Its a convenient toilet that can be set up in 15munites.We also do comp...

Wooden sheds
  • Harare West

6m x 3m Wooden Shed ,treated,lockable door,wooden windows.[Structure Only]

Wendy house
  • Harare West

2m x 2m kids playhouse painted delivery,writting board , raised 1m from the ground ,smooth interior good for kids, adventurous on a fix and supply

Tripple dog Kennel 1
  • Harare West

A kennel with balcony ,painted roof and smoked redwood with a blanket inside 1,5m x 1m plus delivery in Harare.The real deal for a special dog

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