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Pool & Spa 3 in 1 Test Strips 3 in 1 Test strips

A simple effective swimming pool water test kit , which tests all the basics giving you a reading for free chlorine , Ph , total alkalinity and Stabliser .

Flotec WaterPress 750

Self priming booster set with a 600 Watt pump , 20litres pressure tank , flow switch and a pressure gauge.

Chlorine Feeder 1,5kg on Special .
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  • Harare West

The chlorine feeder is a long lasting stablised chlorine floater , with 90% available chlorine to control bacteria and algae in water.

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Tm 60 sand filter

HIGH RATE SAND FILTERS For residential inground or aboveground swimming pools requiring turnover through 59,000 gallons, at flow rates up to 20 GPM for 8 to 10 hours. Permanent...

Swimming pool construction
  • Harare West

New swimming pool with mosaic designs.

Sudden shock500g

Shock treatment ,Removes organic contaminants and chlorine odour from pool water to keep it clear ,

Swimming pool renovation, construct

For swimming pool construction , renovations , please call or email . Quotations are free

Swimming pool telescopic pole 4m
  • Harare West

Swimming Pool telescopic pole 2m - 4m

Blue buddies- Filter Gel

Clarifies cloudy water and reduces chemical costs.

Scale Out 1 Litre

Remove scale formation on the pool surfaces,

Black out 1 litre

Black out algaecide for treatment against stubborn green , black or mustard algae .

Metal Out 1 litre

Removes metals from pool water and prevent staining of pool surface by metal such as copper , Iron and Manganese.

Green out 1liter

Destroys and controls green algae in pool water

New swimming pool

New concerete swimming pool ,with pavers on surrounds. Call for free quotation

New swimming pool construction

Swimming pool construction. Free visit for quotation.

swimming pool Acid wash

For swimming pool draining and acid wash pool removing dead algae .

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Leaf rake and leaf skimmer
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  • Harare West

Leaf rake is used to clean leaves and debris from swimming pool

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