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Test Kit Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity and Acid Demand
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All inclusive Pool Test Kit Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity and Acid Demand

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Pool cleaning - gemini pool cleaner

Designed to be robust and effective, this cleaner gobbles up pool debris in record time. The subject of several patents and trademarks, the end product is the result of many hours...

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Aluminium pole telescopic 2 -4 metres

An Aluminium pole for cleaning your pool 2m long that extends to 4m

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Sliding gate wheel kits

Two sliding gate wheels with a pair of top support rollers

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Store convex security mirror

Perfect for protecting against shoplifting. Available in 2 sizes - 300 mm - ($103) and 500mm- ($156)

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Pool hose 10,12 and 15 metres

Quality imported pool hoses in 3 sizes : 10m ($36), 12m ($38) and 15m ($43)

Africhem algaecide extra strength 2l

Africhem Extra Strength destroys black and green algae from your walls and also clarifies pool water enabling your pool chemicals to work more efficiently thus reducing your monthl...

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Yale digital safes
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Our range of quality Yale safes include the Mini ($83), Small ($130), Medium ($180), Large ($245) and the Medium gun safe ($190) Features: 3 to 8 digit code Lined w...

Energizer 1620 Battery
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Energizer 1620 Battery. 3V Lithium Battery.

Africhem Metal Remover
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Improves water clarity chlorine compatible eliminates metals removes stains

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