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Sliding gate wheel kits

Two sliding gate wheels with a pair of top support rollers

Kocom Intercom One-to-One
  • New

Kocom Intercom One-to-One, Door phone.

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Pool cleaning - gemini pool cleaner

Designed to be robust and effective, this cleaner gobbles up pool debris in record time. The subject of several patents and trademarks, the end product is the result of many hours...

Jenifer Hudson CD

Jenifer Hudson CD. Prices Start from $10

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Griffon self learning remote controls

Leisure Living stocks a whole range of self learning remotes. Our staff will be able to duplicate your existing remote for you in store in seconds

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Africhem salt cell cleaner 2l

Africhem Salt Cell cleaner is designed to soften and remove scale build up on the electrode/cell of a Salt Chlorinator

Pool Command Algaecide
  • New

Removes Black and Green Algae

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Aluminium pole telescopic 2 -4 metres

An Aluminium pole for cleaning your pool 2m long that extends to 4m

Jacuzzi Construction

Jacuzzi Construction. Prices start from $10 000

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