Greencon is a leading supplier and installer of quality greenhouses and other agricultural inputs for commercial, small scale rural and urban growers throughout Southern Africa.Contact our specialist team for advice on greenhouses and tunnels; drip irrigation systems; pond and dam liners; our range of speciality fertilisers; growing mediums; trellis netting; and thermal covers.
fosfifol Ca-Calcium Liquid Foliar fertiliser
  • Harare East

Calcium Liquid Foliar fertiliser.Compostion-Phosphorus (109g/kg) and Calcium (50g/kg) for sale at Greencon. Please call us to find out more.

  • Harare East

Vegetable humic and fulvic acid. Total Humic Extract (150gr/kg). Please call Greencon to find out more.

Root Fertiliser
  • Harare East

Greencon sells organic root growth enhancer . Elfer bioroot is especially made to stimulate growth of the root system to improve plant nutrient absorption capacity. It gives the pl...

Powder Chelated Iron Corrector
  • Harare East

Greencon sells Biofer EDDHA fertilizers. Please contact to find out more

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